10 Steps for Making Your Kitchen More Functional – Infographic

Apart from making a kitchen look better than before, enhancing its functionality is another important goal of every kitchen remodeling project. Since the kitchen is considered to be one of the central areas for daily household activities, everything must be kept updated so that they can be used in ways that are beneficial for the lifestyles of everyone living within the household.

Are you looking for a more functional kitchen? Here are ten easy ways for a more flexible kitchen!

10 Steps for Making Your Kitchen More Functional

Keep your trash bins in place

Using two or more trash bins is highly recommended to make garbage sorting easier. However, if you have a limited kitchen space, having more than a single trash bin is more accessible said than done. As a solution, you can consider installing a separate pullout drawer on your kitchen cabinets. Label each of your trash bins based on their purpose.

Go for integrated appliances

Functional kitchens are often equipped with modern appliances that can be used or installed in a variety of ways. Why don’t you try having integrated appliances? Since they occupy the same space as some of your kitchen units, opting for integrated appliances is a space-saving choice.

Maximize your storage

In case your kitchen is suffering from too much space, perhaps it’s better to make them your extra storage areas. Kitchen remodeling companies today are offering a ton of options to maximize your kitchen storage. These can range from corner cabinets to the more sophisticated custom storage solutions.

Hide your small appliances

Avoid flooding your countertop with a long queue of small appliances that you barely use. It can be a lot easier to work around the kitchen when you have a clear countertop, so always dedicate a separate cabinet where you can store your smaller appliances.

Brighten up your kitchen

Preparing meals is a delicate process where you constantly need to use your sense of sight. To enhance the visibility of your kitchen, there are a lot of lighting fixtures that you can install based on your needs. By far, the most popular amongst many homeowners nowadays is under-cabinet lighting, where you can brighten up the most important areas of the kitchen – the sink and meal prep area.

Have a Cupboard Pantry

Cupboard pantries are excellent in maintaining a traditional vibe in the kitchen and yet at the same time providing extra storage for your bottles, jars, and smaller appliances.

Add a second sink

The sink is another kitchen component that you can’t just ignore. Another way to achieve a more functional kitchen is to install another sink that is dedicated to washing your hands and cleaning the dishes while the first sink is dedicated to cooking.

Open Shelves/Glass Cabinet Doors

Open shelves are a practical storage solution that enables you to make your kitchen items accessible at any given moment. You don’t have to spend countless minutes looking for the stuff your need as they are already exposed right at the shelves. You can alternatively opt for glass cabinet doors for a modern and vibrant vibe.

Create a workspace

You can take your kitchen functionality to the next level by simply creating a workspace where you can write down your recipes, pay your bills, or leave a note for your family. A workspace can also be used in a lot of ways based on your needs.

Install Spice Racks

In case you have plenty of spices, you might be wondering how you can store them in the most optimal way possible. Then the best thing that you can do is to have your cabinets installed with spice racks. These racks are designed to store your spices in an organized way so you won’t have to experience any hassles when cooking.

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