2019 Kitchen Lighting Trends

2019 Kitchen Lighting Trends

If you’re thinking of trying to remodel your kitchen up a bit, one of the essential parts that could really give a lot of difference in its aesthetic is the kitchen lighting. There are many types of lighting to choose from. Each of these lighting types suits several kitchen spaces and certain kitchen designs. If this is your first project this 2019, might as well check this list of kitchen lighting trends for this year.

Pendant Lighting

One of the more popular lighting trends this year is pendant lighting. Instead of using recessed lights, which have become a staple trend for kitchen homes this past decade, suspended lighting will give your kitchen space a different vibe. It adds a unique touch to your design.

These pendant lighting can be the main centerpiece of your kitchen. Imagine a suspended wiring that can make you reminisce about swinging incandescent bulb with a pull chain – that’s something extra. It shows individuality and independence. They add just enough light with a tinge of sleekness and contemporary.

As this is truly the in thing for 2019, here are some pendant lighting fixtures you might want for your kitchen:

Rolleiflex pendant lamps with blue and white striped pieces with beautiful glow – and they could be your centerpiece without having to spend a lot.

Extra-long brass pendants are your sleek countertop lighting with vintage feels.

Multiple Edison bulbs to complement your stainless-steel appliances, marble wall cabinets, countertops, and backsplash. Custom glass rectangle Edison bulbs in a ceiling clad with walnut and bamboo. Such a work of art!

Leading Light

For some architectural lighting goodness, give your kitchen space a relaxed vibe with LED lighting that lights up your kitchen for a bit, even in the dark. Place them down your walls and provide enough lighting to the entire room. Adding similar lighting techniques to your kitchen cabinets and quartz or granite countertops can be a great way to add texture to your kitchen space.

Kitchen technology evolution at its finest with your smart appliances, and built-in Bluetooth speakers! Cap it off with automatic lighting that will surely give your room some edge.

Kitchen Lighting Trends

Vintage-inspired Lighting

In 2019, we will still be having traditional elements and forms in sync with modern pieces of furniture. To give your kitchen space a vintage vibe, think of natural stone, organic basalt tiles with hand-wrapped rattan chairs, or furniture going along with vintage-inspired lighting. Custom cabinets with marble counters and a breath-taking ceramic pendant vintage lighting. Cool, right?

Jewel-toned Lighting

Perfect for your matte black kitchen, jewel-toned lighting can provide your space with an intimate feel. Think kitchen fixtures with the predominant finish, hardware accents, and millwork profiles – mixed with soft lighting. That gives you elegance and modernity.

Jewel-toned lighting also matches black fixtures; in a light-colored kitchen, black pieces can add some drama without dimming your room entirely.

Simple Retro

Get funky and theme your kitchen with some retro spunk. Silver appliances mix well with silver pendant lighting. Put neutral colors on your walls, and give some patterns and textures with your kitchen countertop tiles and wall design. Turn it up a bit, and your retro design will give you that extra upbeat vibe whenever you are in the kitchen!

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