3 Most Common Mistakes When Planning a Kitchen Layout – Infographic

Apart from picking a color scheme and buying a bunch of accessories and new units for your meal preparation area, a kitchen remodeling project also revolves around the proper positioning of everything in the kitchen. Organizing the arrangement of the units like the cabinets, stove, range, fridge, countertop constitutes the entire layout, which must require some planning to design. An effective kitchen layout will help maximize the use of space, as well as optimize different workstations that are essential in cooking.

If your kitchen is about to be remodeled, you have to be aware that no layout is universally applicable in all types of rooms. You need to consider the size of your kitchen, as well as your lifestyle and needs.

To ensure the success of your kitchen remodeling project, here are three of the most common mistakes many homeowners make when planning a kitchen layout:

3 Most Common Mistakes When Planning a Kitchen Layout

1. Bad Positioning of Lights

Along with the strategic arrangement of your appliances, you also have to take the positioning of your lights into account in order to make the most out of your layout. Identify the locations of your cooking workstations and make sure that the light fixtures will reach those areas. Illuminating the parts that are crucial for cooking will make it easier for you to prepare dishes and minimize the odds of accidents.

2. Inadequate Space for Storage

Remember that the kitchen is not just all about cooking, but this room is also responsible for storing most of the items that you need for everyday living. Many homeowners fall into the trap of being satisfied with a single set of overhead cabinets, which will result in some issues that might arise in the future. You need to reserve a significant portion of the room for your storage. Kitchen cabinets can be installed in various ways, and it is possible to turn any area of your kitchen into a valuable location for storage. You can set up cupboards on your walls, on the floor, and even below your countertop and sink.

3. Failure to Measure the Appliances

Once you found a reliable kitchen remodeling contractor, one of the things that you need to talk about is the preferred layout. Always ask for your contractor’s second opinion regarding the layout, as it often minimizes the risks of unwanted results in your kitchen design. These include the discrepancies in the sizes of your appliances. If the sizes of your appliances are incompatible with the supposed layout, it can result in misuse of space, making it difficult to move around your kitchen.

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