3 Kitchen Corridor Layouts to Optimize Food Preparation – Infographic

Functionality is one crucial factor in kitchen design. And one of the most popular ways of enhancing the functionality of kitchen is by creating a kitchen layout that is based on a corridor-style design. By strategically organizing the layout of the area, it makes kitchen workflow faster as well as optimizing the usage of space.

Did you know?

Corridor style kitchens are styles of kitchen layouts that can be recognized by having two parallel runs of units forming a central corridor which is used for moving around.

Another name for kitchens with corridor-style designs is “galley style kitchen” due to its resemblance to the galleys (refers to the kitchens found in ships).

3 Kitchen Corridor Layouts to Optimize Food Preparation

Benefits of a Corridor-Style Kitchen

  • The layout occupies less space, making it perfect for small kitchens
  • Provides more efficiency when it comes in utilizing kitchen triangle design
  • Doesn’t rely on expensive countertops to look good
  • Opens opportunities to other practical choices for any kind of cabinets (even the stock ones) as well as cheaper appliances can easily complement this design.

If this is the first time you heard about corridor-style kitchen designs, here are there of the most popular examples:

Corridor Kitchen Layout with Cabinets or Counter on Side

As can be seen on the layout, the fridge, stove, and the sink are all placed on the left side, leaving a great deal of space for the working tops on the right side. Since the right side of this design doesn’t require any services, it can make food preparation more convenient and flexible.

Another advantage of this design is that the location of the fridge can hide its unattractive rear, allowing only its front face to be exposed.

Corridor Kitchen with Stove on Side

This layout is more focused on giving more emphasis on the stove as the center of food preparation. The stove is placed in the middle providing lots of countertop space on both sides for cooking activities such as stirring, cutting, chopping, etc.

The right side can be viewed as a peninsula used for doing less significant kitchen chores. In case you have a larger kitchen, you might find this layout an efficient choice for maintaining the kitchen work triangle design.

Corridor Kitchen with Refrigerator on Side

An unorthodox-looking layout indeed, this corridor kitchen deviates from the philosophy of the kitchen work triangle because compared to the other layouts, there is a significant amount of space between the sink, stove, and the fridge.

The isolated position of the fridge means that you’ll be needing an electric outlet on the right side. The sink and the dishwasher are placed together since they both need access to drainage and water supply.

Turn your kitchen to a corridor-style to make your kitchen chores more efficient and organized. Have an assessment of your kitchen and choose which of these three is the best one for you!

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