3 Reasons Why You Should Install Under-Cabinet Lighting in Your Kitchen

3 Reasons Why You Should Install Under-Cabinet Lighting in Your Kitchen

There are several reasons to install under-cabinet lighting in your kitchen. These lights can illuminate dark corners and save energy by lowering the energy bill. To find out which one is best for your kitchen, read this article. The benefits of installing these lights are numerous, and they’ll help you achieve a clean, bright, and functional kitchen.

Puck lights

Under-cabinet lighting can be installed in many ways. Puck lights, for example, are cylindrical lights with a diameter of two to three inches. They typically use 20W bulbs and mount with small screws. Most puck lights operate on 120V AC directly, while others use a transformer. Because they are bulky and require a specialized wiring kit, you may need to use some creativity in hiding them.

Fluorescent fixtures

Another popular option for under-cabinet lighting is linear lamps, which cast light evenly along the length of the lamp. These lights also tend to have a longer lifespan than other under-cabinet lighting options. That means that LED lights can save you even more money over the lifetime of the fixtures.

Halogen fixtures

Halogen fixtures for under-cabinet lights should be operated with a standard “On/Off” toggle switch. Do not use a dimmer switch sized to 120 volts. Low-voltage halogens require a dimmer switch that is rated for their wattage. The dimmer switch should also be rated for under-cabinet lighting to avoid damaging them.

LED fixtures

LED under cabinet lighting offers flexibility that conventional kitchen lights cannot match. With unique lighting effects and functional workspaces, kitchens can create a unique ambiance. With a wide-angle beam or focused spotlight, LED under cabinet lighting offers versatility and ease of installation. In addition, with many types of LED fixtures available, it’s simple to integrate switches that activate the lights when drawers are opened and off when closed. The versatility of under cabinet LED fixtures can be further enhanced by adding motion detection switches.

DIY plug-in lights

Under-cabinet lighting is an easy way to add extra lighting to any kitchen or bathroom. It’s a simple way to improve the look of your kitchen without having to rip up your cabinets and repaint them. Installing lights under cabinets can give your room a cozy and warm feeling, and they eliminate the need to find light switches in the dark. Read on to discover tips and tricks for installing under cabinet lighting.


Under-cabinet lighting is a versatile way to create the look you want while adding energy efficiency. Under-cabinet lighting can be mounted in several ways, from bars to aluminum channels. One way to mount LED strips is to mount them on an aluminum channel. When installing LED strips, peel the paper covering the adhesive off the LED strip before installing it. Remove the cover as you install the strip, and do not remove it all at once. Be sure to install the strip before you turn it on.

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