4 Kitchen Layout Mistakes Everyone Should Avoid

4 Kitchen Layout Mistakes Everyone Should Avoid

Failure to plan accordingly before a kitchen remodeling project is by far the leading reasons why unnecessary mistakes and errors occur. And the worst mistakes that can be committed in kitchen remodeling are those that involved the kitchen layout itself. Proper positioning of all kitchen units must be observed as it can directly affect the food preparation process and other chores that you do every day.

Be aware of the following kitchen layout mistakes: 

1. Inadequate Space for Food Preparation

Cooking meals is what makes a kitchen one of the most important parts of a home. It might look like meal preparation only takes place on a particular portion of a kitchen, but you must pay more attention to details. Food preparation requires you to do a lot of moving, so you need to expand the space to make things more comfortable. You can integrate a bar or kitchen island to accommodate tasks such as chopping, slicing, peeling, and flavoring your ingredients with spices.

2. Improper Installation of Lighting or Outlets

Improper installation of outlets makes it harder for you to put your appliances in the best locations. As for the lighting, it could either improve or lessen the visibility of certain portions of your kitchen, especially the area used for food preparation. Consider buying enough task and cabinet lighting and assess the best spots where they can be installed based on your needs. 

Moreover, you should as well pay attention to the number of outlets you have. As a rule of thumb, have at least eight outlets around strategic perimeters of your kitchen.

Kitchen Layout Mistakes Everyone Should Avoid

3. Inadequate Storage

For those who own a lot of kitchenware, having insufficient storage can become a common problem, and it often starts from an inappropriate kitchen layout. To prevent your kitchen from getting cluttered, ensure that you will have a layout designed to provide more storage. Always dedicate a considerable portion of space for storage and be open to any possible storage opportunities in your kitchen layout plan.

4. Failure to Apply the Kitchen Work Triangle Principle

The Kitchen Work Triangle is a well-known method in optimizing important kitchen chores with greater emphasis on food preparation. By putting together the fridge, stove, and sink in close proximity with each other that resembles a triangle, it helps minimizes the movements of the cook, which makes food preparation tasks more time-efficient.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to layout, a strategy is always the key. Talk with your kitchen remodeling contractor to find out how you can design a layout that can benefit your kitchen as a whole.

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