4 Tips to Consider When Updating Your Kitchen Cabinetry

Picking out the right cabinetry not only improves the atmosphere and functionality of the kitchen—it can increase your home’s value and appeal to future buyers, too.

If new cabinetry is on your list of priorities, don’t rush into your decision just yet. Read these tips first to make your purchase and project as worthwhile as possible.

Tip 1: Consider keeping the originals.

If your kitchen cabinetry is already in great shape, maybe it could just use some updating. Common kitchen cabinet updates include:

  •   ο   Freshening up the paint or choosing a new color
  •   ο   Freshening up with a new stain color
  •   ο   Installing updated hardware, including drawer pulls, door knobs, hinges, etc.
  •   ο   Replacing the doors but not the “bones” of the cabinets themselves


How do you know if you should replace or reface? If the quality and layout of your cabinets is already in good shape, we suggest looking into a less-intensive refacing project. You’ll still reap the benefits of an updated look but save some cash.

Tip 2: Make a priority list.

If the cabinets aren’t salvageable and simply need to be retired to the reclaimed wood warehouse, it will be very helpful to create a priority list for your all-new cabinets. Decide exactly what you need, what you want, and what would be nice to have when it comes to your kitchen cabinets—and actually write this down. Priorities are different for every homeowner, but here’s a simple example of what this might look like:

  • Need:
    •   ο   More storage space
    •   ο   More functional layout
  • Want:
    •   ο   Built-in organization
  • Nice to have:
    •   ο   Solid wood materials


Tip 3: Maximize your storage.

Even if you have plenty of space throughout your cabinetry, perhaps a different shelving arrangement would be more functional. An advantage to totally updating your cabinets is that you can implement some of the newest trends in kitchen storage. Rolling trays, pull-out baskets, item dividers, and even pull-out spice racks can give your cabinets just as much function as style.4 Tips to Consider When Updating Your Kitchen Cabinetry

Our favorite organizational tool is our new and improved super Susan. Instead of fumbling around a clunky pole, super Susans are a convenient option that allows you to rotate and store all your treats with ease.

One of our clients, Valerie, raves: “The super Susan is one of my favorite features of our kitchen!”

By best utilizing your cabinet storage, you can be sure that your space not only looks good, but will accommodate all your kitchen needs for many years to come—and those of any potential buyers in the future.

Tip 4: Don’t go overboard.

A kitchen should feel airy and never give residents or guests a “boxed in” feeling. Although you should leave ample storage space in your cabinetry plan, too much of a good thing can make the space feel cramped, and actually decrease the functionality of the space. Unused cabinet space or cabinets that serve no purpose other than to collect junk aren’t functional at all.

Look at your current layout and determine how to better organize your next set of cabinets. While the mind’s eye is a great place to do some imagining, try to actually sketch out what your cabinets will look like or use a 3D program to get a better idea of how they’ll fit in the space.

When making changes that affect the function and value of your home, be sure to do some careful thinking about the details. You can always reach out to a professional like Mr. Cabinet Care for assistance and access to tools and resources that will help you make the best choices. Good luck!

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