5 Color Palette Ideas to Brighten up Your Kitchen – Infographic

When it comes to kitchen design, one of the most critical factors to consider is the color palette. Combining two or more colors can bring dramatic changes in the overall appearance of an area, such as the kitchen. This is because humans are visually sensitive to colors, which can generate certain emotions, messages, and ideas. In case you wanted to avail a kitchen remodeling service, you have to pay attention to the colors that are going to be applied in your storage, appliances, countertops, flooring, and walls.

Choosing an appropriate color can also make a kitchen space appear larger and brighter. For all types of kitchens, adequate light is essential for making meals at any time of the day. To help you find some ideas, here are some of the best examples of color palettes that can brighten up your kitchen:

5 Color Palette Ideas to Brighten up Your Kitchen - Infographic

Modern Farmhouse Style

Farmhouse kitchens are not only limited to warm hues of brown since it can also be integrated with contemporary elements for a unique design. You can opt for a white farmhouse kitchen with green light fixtures and wooden furniture to set up a more eco-friendly meal prep area that doesn’t look too rustic.

Bold and Neutral Colors

Try selecting a neutral color as a base color for your kitchen. Neutral colors such as white, gray, and beige can expand your color palette choices to a set of bold colors. You can integrate various shades of green, orange, and blue and have them create a distinctive pattern to your kitchen design.

Blue Retro Kitchen

Blue can be an excellent choice in designing a kitchen brimming with retro vibes. Take your meal prep area to the past decades by introducing cool shades of blue to your accent wall and pair it up with wood-colored storage and flooring. To make the space even more interesting, have your countertops be custom-designed with a turquoise surface.

Red and White Kitchen

Red is a color that can stimulate the appetite and triggers a desire to eat food. Simple yet eye-catching kitchens sporting the red/white combination in their storage and other units often create an ideal environment for food enthusiasts.

Mondrian-Style Kitchen

Why limit your color choices if you can apply every color that you want? While this might not sound like a good idea, perhaps you never heard about the Mondrian art style. Different colors can be combined and create a sense of harmony when applying them to each door of your kitchen cabinets the right way.

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