5 Country Design Ideas for Cozy Kitchens

December 18, 2020

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5 Country Design Ideas for Cozy Kitchens

Have you ever considered availing a kitchen remodeling service? When buying a new home, some people tend to be contented with whatever stock kitchen design they have, and would only do a bit of modifications here and there. While it might be a good way to save money, it can be a waste of space and time if you don’t know how to optimize the capabilities of your kitchen.

Proper positioning of units, as well as upgrading the storage and kitchen working space are some of the goals that can be achieved by kitchen remodeling. This is of course apart from the aesthetic perspective that revolves around the preferences of the homeowner in terms of color palette, cabinet hardware, and accessories. Many kitchen remodeling companies in Huntington Beach are excellent kitchen designers themselves, offering their clients with a wide range of design options that will suit their needs.

Despite the advent in modern technology, keeping it simple and nostalgic remains popular in kitchen design. In case you finally decided to give kitchen remodeling a try, check out these five examples of cozy kitchens brimming with warm country vibes:

1. White Vintage Farmhouse Kitchen

This kitchen design utilizes both the base and wall cabinets in order to establish a brighter-looking space with a monochrome color palette. To prevent the overuse of white, natural elements such as wooden flooring and furniture are added as finishing touches, creating a rustic space with a bit of contemporary flare.

2. White Cabinets-Subway Tile Combo

Keeping a kitchen cozy starts with the right design and layout. To lessen all the stress of doing daily kitchen chores, you can let the meal prep area appear more relaxing by opting for bright white cabinets paired with classic subway tiles. Invest on some high-quality wooden dining chairs and have them placed on your countertops to set up an area for you to unwind and enjoy a cup of joe before and after a busy day at home.

Country Design Ideas for Cozy Kitchens

3. Rustic Breakfast Nook

Ever heard about breakfast nooks? This small dining area is added to an existing kitchen layout to set up an area dedicated for eating lighter meals. Your breakfast nook can be equipped with a small dining table surrounded with a brown sofa for an excellent rustic effect. It can also be more beneficial to place the nook near a window so that you can feel the breeze of fresh air.

4. Rustic Galley

Galley kitchens are ideal for smaller homes, which often makes the meal prep area appear like a long alleyway. If you hate moving around the kitchen while cooking dishes, this layout might be the one for you. It might be a good idea to consider a herringbone pattern for your floor and oak cabinets for both the base and wall for storing your kitchen items.

5. Mixed and Matched Materials

You can try some unique approach by combining different styles of materials in storage, flooring, and the countertops. Perhaps you might want to choose darkwood cabinets with a neutral-colored hardware. How about a butcher block countertop with pendant lights for illuminating your kitchen at night? As long as they provide your kitchen a fresh new look, the choice is yours.

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