5 Edible Plants that can Easily Grow in your Kitchen

5 Edible Plants that can Easily Grow in your Kitchen

The kitchen has been known to be the most vital part of a house. This is the place where we eat, cook, and probably do most of the cleaning. However, most people today fail to notice that some spaces in the kitchen can be used in some variety of ways. For example, do you know that you can actually grow some plants just inside your kitchen? And yes – they can be quite useful in saving you some trouble of going to the grocery and spend some bucks on ingredients that you can cultivate yourself.

So, without further ado, here are five edible plants that can quickly grow in your kitchen:


  • Tomatoes

Tomatoes are a good source of lycopene, a natural pigment that helps prevent different types of cancer. If you’re planning to make homemade tomato ketchup or a delicious salsa for breakfast, you should consider planting up some tomato seeds right away. But before anything, try to check if you have a strong root system for this plant’s vines and roots can grow longer compared to other plants.


  • Potatoes

Potato chips anyone? Regardless of what you wanted to do with a potato, this crop isn’t just exclusive to outdoor farms anymore. In fact, they are just as convenient to be planted on your kitchen more than you think. Simply cut them into medium-sized slices, dry them for days, and voila, you can plant them like that. It is highly recommended to use a soil that is well nourished by applying it with fertilizers.

 Edible Plants that can Easily Grow in your Kitchen


  • Lettuce

If you’ve been looking for any leafy vegetable in this list, then this one’s for you. Lettuce is a good source of healthy nutrients such as potassium, biotin, iron, vitamin c, and calcium just to name a few. And just like potatoes, planting them in your kitchen doesn’t take much of an effort aside from patience. Start by putting the white root of the lettuce in a glass jar. Take some water, and let the jar be filled with water as long as it doesn’t reach the top of the stem. Give your plant some exposure to the sunlight, and regularly give it some water to avoid it from drying.


  • Ginger

Ginger is another good example of a low-maintenance crop to cultivate. If you have some extra pieces of ginger rhizomes in you, just plant them in soil with its buds facing upward. It will need some light, but not specifically direct sunlight. Water them down regularly, and eventually, you will see the sprouting of small roots. You can harvest them afterward by removing the root and taking some of the spare if you want to replant them again.


  • Pineapples

The last one of this list is pretty surprising, right? Who would’ve thought that a large fruit like pineapple can be grown indoors? Yes, it is possible to grow pineapples in your kitchen. But make sure you’ve done enough research to ensure that you are going to do it the right way.

To begin with, you need the top part of the leaves with a little portion of the stem. Let it dry and prepare warm soil. Once planted, pour an adequate amount of water into it on a regular basis, and it will gown after a few months. This might be a bit time-consuming, but it is indeed worth the wait.


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