5 Filthiest Kitchen Things and Places That You Should Clean Right Now

5 Filthiest Kitchen Things and Places That You Should Clean Right Now

As the center for doing most of the household’s daily tasks, kitchens tend to be messy and disorganized. Regardless of how beautifully remodeled a kitchen can be, keeping it well-maintained and free from any forms of severe disarray must always be included in the priority list of every household owner.

If you’re experiencing the dilemma of an untidy kitchen, it’s time for you to make a thorough plan to fix everything up. Your initial step should start by locating which places and things are the filthiest ones so that you can come up with an efficient way to clean them all.

Here are five of the filthiest kitchen things and places that you should clean right now:

1. Dishcloths and Sponges

Most kitchens today prefer using dishcloths and sponges as efficient cleaning tools. However, studies have shown that 75% of such items contain certain species of coliform bacteria such as E. coli and Salmonella. These microbes can infect the dishes that you wash and enter the human body to cause diseases.

One way to counter these bacteria is by soaking or washing your dishcloths and sponges in a pale of hot water each time you prepare for a meal or before cleaning the dishes.

2. Cutting Boards

Since cutting boards tend to make contact with meat, vegetables and other random stuff, there’s no doubt that they could contract diseases from a wide diversity of harmful germs found in those food. To avoid or at least minimize the filthiness of your cutting board, avoid using one for all your cutting needs. Designate a single cutting board for the fruits and vegetables, and another board for the meats. This way, you can prevent cross-contamination as you prepare your meals.

3. Countertops

This might be a no-brainer for some but considering the amount of debris that you usually retrieve before and after cooking, you must be aware of how filthy countertops are. To get rid of those pesky mishmash of things lingering in your kitchen counters, wipe its surface with a piece of clean cloth and disinfectant agent. Remember to do this once a day, on a regular basis. On the other hand, you should also take a quick look in the counter’s small corners as well as the area where your small appliances are typically placed and see if they can be worthy of some cleaning.

4. Sink

While this part of the kitchen is often a good place to flush a great deal of potentially harmful bacteria, sinks are also ideal abodes for microbes that survive the “water purge” by sticking themselves in the edges. Just like dishcloths and sponges, 45% of all house sinks hosts a specific number of coliform bacteria.

5. Knobs and other handles from appliances

Do you have any idea just how dirty your hands are? Especially when you’re not keen on washing your hands regularly, there are a plethora of germs that might be lingering in your palms and fingers already. You usually hold a bunch of random things every day so that is not a shocking fact indeed. Which also means that the knobs and handles you use to open and close your cabinets and appliances harbor a mammoth amount of bacteria that are enough to make your stomach ache. Be sure to apply disinfectant agent to your kitchen cabinet pulls and appliance handles daily.



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