5 Signs That Your Old Kitchen Faucet Must Be Replaced



One of the busiest fixtures in your home is the kitchen faucet. It can be a real headache if it isn’t functioning properly. The sink becomes overflowing with dirty dishes. A person’s hands become filthy. You need to call plumbing services, which is a costly endeavor. To prevent all of this, it is best to ensure that your faucet is well-maintained. So, when should a kitchen faucet be replaced, and how long does one typically last?

Here are five indications that you require a kitchen faucet replacement:

  • Mineral Deposits on Tap

The performance of your faucet can degrade over time as mineral deposits accumulate inside it. Both the exterior and interior of the spigot can get discolored, making it look like it was stained with old toothpaste.

Buildup in your faucets and other appliances is inevitable if your home is supplied with hard water. The gasket, filters, and flanges, not to mention the faucet’s outward look, can be altered. Fill a plastic bag with white vinegar and wrap it around the fixture with rubber bands to remove scaly mineral layer. Put in water and let it sit overnight.

The installation of a water softener helps prevent the formation of these deposits. As soon as they become glaringly obvious, though, it’s probably time to replace the faucet.

  • Your Faucet is Old

The brand and model of your faucet can affect how long it lasts. However, there are techniques to determine which sort of faucet you have. Faucets from Moen, for instance, typically have the model number printed on the underside or back of the spout. Faucet cartridges and other repair components can be ordered online if you know the model number.

It is recommended that any faucet that is more than 15 years old be replaced if you are unsure of its longevity.

  • The Faucet Has Rust on It

When you attempt to turn your sink’s handle, does it break or stick? Is there a delay before you can drink from it after turning it on? These are the telltale symptoms of corrosion and rust on the inside.

Rust forms on the inside first, and then it shows on the outside. The exterior is more likely to exhibit this pattern around the spigot and the base. Faucet leaks will worsen over time if rust and corrosion are allowed to progress unchecked.

When this occurs, it is best to replace your faucet, not attempt to repair it.

  • The Dripping Faucet

The cartridge inside the handle assembly can sometimes be replaced to solve a dripping faucet. However, there are situations when that isn’t sufficient. It is time to replace your kitchen faucet if you have tried to fix it and it still leaks.

It’s not worth wasting money trying to fix a leak when it’s more cost effective to get a replacement kitchen faucet that will serve you for years to come. A dripping faucet is unsightly and may even encourage the spread of mold. The cost of a repair is usually more than the cost of a new kitchen faucet.

  • Very Low Water Pressure

A strong, steady stream of water won’t come out of an old faucet with rust, corrosion, and leaky parts like it will from a new one. If the water pressure problem is only in your kitchen, a new faucet is probably the solution. A licensed plumber can figure out what’s wrong.

The Bottom Line:

In many homes, the kitchen is the hub of daily life. In the kitchen, we share laughs and stories over the dishes we’ve prepared. Cleaning up after a meal is a necessary evil of cooking. Dishes, pots, and pans used during cooking necessitate subsequent washing and drying. In the absence of a dishwasher, a kitchen without a sink and a working faucet is practically useless. It’s also possible to get water by turning on the tap. You may find that your sink’s faucet is acting strangely.

It’s a sad fact that kitchen faucets wear out just like every other fixture does If your faucet is having rust, corrosion, mineral buildup, or is leaky, chances are, you need a replacement.

Mr. Cabinet Care can help you if your old kitchen faucet is giving you trouble. No matter if you want style or function (or a little bit of both), faucets give you a lot of ways to improve your home. Contact them today to have a new one professionally installed!




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