5 Timeless Kitchen Cabinet Colors – Infographic

Picking the best color is an important step towards having eye-catching and aesthetically pleasing kitchen cabinetry. However, it may seem like a no brainer but selecting from a list of available paint colors is a pretty daunting task indeed. Your option could either augment the beauty of your kitchen or make it less appealing to others.

Timeless colors are by far, the best set of colors that you can choose from since they can literally stand the test of time. Regardless of what’s trendy nowadays, rest assured that the colors that are going to be mentioned in this infographic will remain as vouge as ever.

Here are five timeless kitchen cabinet colors to remember!

Top 5 Timeless Kitchen Cabinet Colors Infographic

Times kitchen cabinet color #1: Dark Wood

While the natural color of the wood is also considered to be quite timeless, its other variations are gaining popularity as well. One good example is dark wood, which has been used by many people as early as the 1970s. And up to now, this color is still holding strong on the list of most preferred kitchen cabinet colors of all time.

Times kitchen cabinet color #2: Pure White

White cabinets are definitely the epitome of classical kitchen design. Plain as they might be, painting your cabinets with white not only improves the space of your kitchen but it also makes the area fresh and quite relaxing to the eyes. If you’re a minimalist yourself, then odds are you will likely choose this color as it symbolizes simplicity and freedom from other elements that you find to be overwhelming.

Times kitchen cabinet color #3: Cool Mint

Cool Mint refers to the color of light green. With the coziness brought by the color of green combined with the mild lightness by white, this combination works pretty well with almost any kind of kitchen cabinets. Paired with white tile backsplashes, you will have a cabinetry with a design that looks like a melting pot between modern and vintage style.

Times kitchen cabinet color #4: Gray

Gray is the color of neutrality. Which means that it would make it very hard to compare with the others no matter how trending they are. But even gray can transform the look of your kitchen as well. By using it on your cabinets, it promotes calmness especially on the busiest area of your house. When paired with white countertops, it creates a gentle contrast that adds value to the overall look of your kitchen.

Times kitchen cabinet color #5: Navy Blue

Some shades of blue can never go out of style. Navy blue has been widely used on cabinets lately, and it looks like it will stay like that for years to come. This striking color can easily give off vibes of modern charm and sophisticated look for your cabinetry.


Having cabinet colors that remains stylish for years to come is a wonderful way to keep your kitchen from being outdated. Give these five colors a try and see for yourself!

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