Paint Color: 5 Tips to Pick the Perfect Hue for You

1) Create a Mood Board
Do you peruse Pinterest like it’s going out of style? Put your pinning power to good use and search for colors and color schemes that you think would look best in your home. You can create a board to organize your thoughts. This may help you narrow down some ideas before you pick the paint color that suits you best.

Create a Mood Board

2) Take Home Samples
Much like you test drive a car, consider testing your favorite paints before you purchase an entire gallon. Colors may look great in the shop, but how they look in your home is the real test. You can find mini paint samples for under $5 at most paint stores.

Take Home Samples
3) Take Home Free Paint Swatches
Whether you’re at Wal-Mart or Home Depot, you can get a steal of a deal without using your five finger discount when it comes to paint swatches. Gather a group of your favorite hues and take them home to test out at no cost. You can tape them on your wall individually to experiment with the combinations you like best.

Take Home Free Paint Swatches

4) Consider Customizing
If you’re fresh out of ideas and you feel like you just can’t find the color to fit your taste, you always have the option to customize a hue that’s perfect for you. Designers create custom colors by mixing a bit more black or white into existing tints to achieve a unique, custom finish – and you can too!


4) Consider Customizing

5) Go Green
And we don’t mean the color (although that’s always a great option!) We’re actually hinting at using environmentally friendly paints. Although they may be priced just a bit more, you’ll save on the things that matter (like your lungs and the environment.) Eco-friendly paints emit little to no odor and are not harmful like other chemically based paints.

Our fav pick: CeCe Caldwell in Kentucky Mint.

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