5 Ways to Mix and Match Chairs at your Dining Table – Infographic

Your dining area typically serves as the center stage or the focal point of the kitchen. This is the place where you spend most of your time drinking coffee in the morning or eating your daily meals. Aside from the kitchen working area, the dining area also deserves equal attention when it comes to maintaining or upgrading its overall look. And one simple yet effective way of making it look better is through the right combination of chairs that will match with your dining table.

Several factors should be taken into consideration before having a well-planned chair and table matching. Many expert designers believed that consistency is always the key when it comes in determining the styles of the seats, together with the right height, width, material, and color.

So, if you just recently purchased yourself a new set of dining chairs, here are five of the best ways of arranging them the most fashionable way possible:

5 Ways to Mix and Match Chairs at your Dining Table - Infographic


  • Emphasizing the host

This chair arrangement works best with almost any set of chairs. If you’re opting for a simple style while making you (the host) as the main point of view, you can try placing a chair or two on opposite ends of the table. This helps your position quite noticeable compared to the others. It also gives a sense of balance when specifically applied on wider or larger tables.


  • Combining chairs with a bench

If you want something unorthodox, try this one. Place some of your chairs on one side of the table with a long bench on the other. This gives off a more original but stylish vibe, but at the same time, it makes everyone sitting on the bench closer and more connected to each other, potentially promoting good and memorable conversations while dining.

Plus, considering the fact that the chairs can be removed and easily get outplaced from time to time, this chair matching is definitely practical indeed.


  • Matching chairs with different colors

Having the same chairs with different or alternating colors is very much applicable for those who wanted their dining area to be voguish without exaggerating its aesthetic quality. This works better on newly bought chairs that are painted with fine wood elements. It provides a cozy and relaxing feeling for anyone who visits your house the first time.


  • Matching colors with different chair designs

Basically the opposite of the third one on this list, matching colors with varying designs of chairs can also infuse a similar effect. The only difference is that this chair matching is a bit easier to do as you can look for almost any plain or wooden chairs you can find and simply paint them with a single color that complements with the color of your table.


  • Combining classic with modern style

One of the most creative and versatile ways of matching your dining chairs is through the combination of classic and modern chair designs. Not only it helps your dining area to be more welcoming and nostalgic, but it also offers eye-catching elements that are truly pleasing to the senses. One good example is the mix of steel coated chairs with the traditional spindle-back wooden chairs.

Never neglect to mix and match your dining chairs in a way that will add up to the beauty of your kitchen! Give one of these five ways a try and see for yourself.

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