Best Kitchen Door Ideas to Try


Doors are incredibly important as they are the first thing that a guest sees and sets the tone for the rest of your interior. As we move towards the next year, we have compiled a list of kitchen design door ideas for you to try, covering kitchen design door trends and their materials that explore their durability, versatility, and sustainability.

Arched Doorways

Ironically, the first design trend does not even require a door. But arched doorways never go out of style, especially in kitchens where lots of light and space elevate the interior.

An arched doorway is a cased opening that has been trimmed but does not have a door. You can call it an “Opening” or an “archway” if you want a wall opening that isn’t trimmed. The arches on these openings come in a wide variety of design, from sharp angles to sloping lines, the versatility of arched doorways is always a timeless classic.

Flexible Doors for Wide Openings

This is a timeless and popular kitchen door design, favored due to their wider openings between spaces and open floor plans. Interior bi-fold and double pocket barn doors allow you to either divide the space or keep it open. Double pocket doors with glass panels or sliding bamboo doors can be used to seal off an area but still let plenty of light through.

Vintage Doors with Lettering

Popular for casual-chic cafes and streetside speakeasies and dingy bars, vintage doors with frosted glass panels and typeface lettering are usually their go-to kitchen exit door design. You can create the same unique feature for your home by using a door that you have rescued from an office or warehouse, or a door that has vintage-style lettering.

For a quick and easy DIY project, doors with etched glass panels are a great surface for experimentation with sign-making. Use decals to make a simple but effective DIY option.

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel doors are often found in industrial settings like restaurants and catering companies. They can also be found in modern homes because they offer strength and elegance. Stainless steel doors can be expensive. Avoid stainless steel if fingerprints on your kitchen doors are a problem.


Glass doors can be used to disassemble a wall-mounted unit. You can use clear or frosted glass in a single panel or in a series of smaller windows within the frame. Tempered glass is recommended because it is less likely to shatter.

Glass doors can have glass shelves and interior lights added to the top. This allows light to flood through the cabinet, creating a unique design feature. Mirrors can be used to cover the cabinet’s back for a unique display effect.

Best Materials for Kitchen Exit Doors

Want your own kitchen exit door design? Here are some great building materials to consider…

Solid Wood

Solid wood kitchen doors are undoubtedly the most luxurious option. Solid wood can be stained, painted, or stained in any color you choose. It can also be polished, varnished or lacquered. Solid wood doors have a higher price tag, as they are durable, and the craftsmanship required in their design is created by extensive and professional labor.

Popular woods include mahogany, cherry, birch, and walnut. They provide a natural and warm look for the kitchen. Although they are susceptible to scratches, fingerprints rarely show. Solid wood is equally beautiful in traditional and modern kitchens, providing a natural finish with knots.

Engineered Wood

Engineered wood refers to doors made from a mixture of materials, rather than natural solid wood. This wood is more affordable than solid wood so it is popular.

Some of the most common engineered wood substrates include:

Plywood – Plywood is made from thin wood panels that are then glued together to create a board of wood. Plywood is durable and strong.

Particle board – Although this material is gradually being eliminated, there are still companies that use it. Particle board is made from wood chips, which are then joined with glue to create one large wooden sheet. Particle board is not as strong as plywood or solid wood.

Medium Density Fiberboard, (MDF), – This material looks very similar to particleboard but is made from wood fibers. MDF can be routed and cut like solid wood. This allows MDF to form smooth panels that resemble raised panel doors.

All doors must be properly covered and edged to ensure engineered woods remain protected.


There are countless door designs to choose from in various kitchen remodeling companies in Anaheim. However, due to their wear and tear, doors are more likely to be damaged than cabinets over time. It’s worth taking the time to research your options before planning. It is also important to remember that quality and final price will be affected by the materials used and the complexity of the application.

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