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How to Choose a Kitchen Remodeling Contractor

How to Choose a Kitchen Remodeling Contractor

The moment you decide to embark on a kitchen renovation, the excitement begins. The endless possibilities of enhanced workflow, additional cupboard and counter space, open concept living, and luxurious finishes can become all-consuming—but before you get too far, you’ll need to choose a kitchen remodeling contractor to complete the work.

Your choice of contractor will affect your satisfaction with the finished product and the return on your investment. Use the following guide to ensure you hire the right company for the job and get the results you deserve.

How to Hire a Kitchen Remodeling Contractor

Ask for Recommendations

Ask colleagues, friends, relatives, and neighbors for first hand recommendations for a local kitchen remodeling contractor. Word of mouth is one of the best ways to find a qualified professional and if you’re lucky, you may get to preview their work.

The Rule of Three

Obtain quotes from at least three contractors in order to compare rates, schedules, and experience. While you may be tempted to go for the lowest bid, any quote which is substantially lower or higher than the rest may require further investigation.

Check References

Once you’ve narrowed down your choices, ask each contractor for at least three recent, local references and be sure to call each one. Have a list of questions prepared beforehand such as:

  • Were you happy with the work that was done?
  • Would you hire the same contractor again?
  • Did the project come in on time and on budget?
  • Was there clear communication between all parties?

Go for Experience

A contractor that has been in business for several years will have had time to establish a reputation, either good or bad, within the community. They are also more likely to have developed beneficial relationships with vendors which may lead to a greater selection at a better price.

Look at Credentials

Determine if the contractor is licensed, bonded, and insured, and don’t just take their word for it. Obtain the necessary information and verify it yourself by contacting the relevant municipality or association.

Get a Written Estimate

Ask for a detailed, written estimate, outlining all costs, including labor, and the projected timeline for the beginning and completion of the project.

Ask the Hard Questions

A kitchen remodel can be a costly venture and before you decide who to entrust with your hard earned money, meet with each candidate in person and interview them as you would any other person you were going to hire. If the contractor is uninterested or unavailable, move on to the next one. Take note of how well they communicate during the interview process and ask yourself if you will be comfortable dealing with them throughout the course of your kitchen remodel. Questions to ask include:

  • Will you be obtaining all the necessary permits?
  • How long have you been in business?
  • How soon can you start?
  • What is your approach to projects of this type?
  • How many other projects are you currently working on?
  • May I have a list of your suppliers and sub-contractors?

Read the Contract

Before you sign on the dotted line, read every word of your contract to ensure it contains the following information:

  • Payment schedule
  • Proof of insurance
  • Start and end dates
  • Detailed list of products and materials to be used
  • Obligation for contractor to obtain lien releases for sub-contractors and suppliers

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