Is Cabinet Refacing Worth It?

Whether you’re planning a complete kitchen remodel or just wanting to freshen up your kitchen’s look, your cabinets are one of the most important components to consider. Since cabinets are undoubtedly the centerpiece of any kitchen, it’s key to make sure that they—as well as your countertops, tile and lighting, sinks and faucets, etc.—create a cohesive look that complements the rest of your home.

However, you may not want to go through the hassle of removing your current cabinets and replacing them with new ones. Cabinet refacing allows you to give your cabinets a new look without all of the time and money associated with completely replacing them. Let our experts help you decide whether cabinet refacing is the right option for you.

Benefits of Refacing Kitchen Cabinets

  • Style – Though you’re not starting from scratch, cabinet refacing gives you a plethora of color and design options to suit your kitchen’s look. You can choose to either replace your cabinet doors entirely, add a new stain, or apply a fresh coat of paint.
  • Accessories – Cabinets aren’t the only thing that can add visual interest to your kitchen. The knobs, pulls, and inserts you select can enhance the fashion and function of your cabinets. From a lazy Susan to spice rack drawers, the options are endless.
  • Savings – Kitchen remodeling costs can climb into the thousands or more depending on your budget. Cabinet refacing, on the other hand, can reduce the costs of cabinet replacement by up to 50%.
  • Convenience – Replacing cabinets can take several weeks and typically requires appliance removal, rendering your kitchen useless during the renovation process. Refacing takes much less time and allows your kitchen to be fully functional throughout your remodel.

Things to Consider Before Refacing Your Kitchen Cabinets

Though cabinet refacing is a great, affordable option for homeowners who want to renew their kitchen’s look, there are some things to consider before doing so. You’ll want to ensure that your current kitchen cabinets are made of high-quality materials and in good condition, especially if you plan to sell your home later on. If you’ve recently taken up cooking or your family has grown, installing the best cabinets you can afford will also increase the longevity of your kitchen. If your kitchen’s layout isn’t ideal for your needs or doesn’t have enough space to accommodate your cooking materials, it may be wise to consider an entire kitchen remodel.

Cabinet Refacing Services in Los Angeles, Orange, San Diego, San Bernardino & Riverside Counties

If you’re ready to start the cabinet refacing process for your kitchen in Southern California, Mr. Cabinet Care has all of the services you need to achieve your dream kitchen. We’re happy to walk you through every step of the process—from design consultation to final installation—and our team of experts guarantees your satisfaction. For even more inspiration, be sure to check out our online gallery!

For all of your kitchen remodeling and cabinet refacing needs in Southern CA, Mr. Cabinet Care is here to help you get started. Contact us online or call (714) 961-1900 today for your free design consultation and in-home estimate!


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