Cabinet Refacing in Brea, CA

If you’d like a new look for your Brea area kitchen without the expense and inconvenience of remodeling, we have your solution at Mr. Cabinet Care! By simply refacing or repainting your kitchen cabinets, we can create a new atmosphere that reflects your preferred kitchen style. We can even make your kitchen look larger and brighter, without removing walls or adding windows.

Get Maximum Results with Minimum Effort or Expense

Brea homeowners have trusted the skilled craftsmen at Mr. Cabinet Care for 30 years to help transform a drab or dilapidated kitchen into a fresh, bright space for cooking and gathering with family. Our cabinet workmanship is excellent, but we also offer expert kitchen design guidance to help you envision a new kitchen. So if you’re not sure about the new look you’d like to create in your kitchen, or how you might like to change your existing cabinetry, let us suggest some options.

Your Cabinets Make (or Break) Your Kitchen

We specialize in kitchen cabinet work, including replacing or installing new cabinet boxes and/or using your current cabinets with new cabinet doors, designing a new drawer arrangement, or completing other related kitchen upgrades. Upgrading your kitchen in this convenient way adds value to your home without disrupting your life and your household. We can give your kitchen a whole new look without knocking out walls or going over your budget.

Enjoy a Custom Look with Our Detailed Cabinet Work

We focus on every detail needed to remake your cabinets and kitchen, including new moldings to add a finished, high-end designer look to any type of kitchen décor. Would you like some new shelving alongside your new cabinets? We can custom make exactly what you need.

Your New Kitchen Cabinetry: It All Starts with the Wood

At Mr. Cabinet Care, we offer the best options in wood for kitchen cabinet refacing. Whether you prefer:

  • Alder
  • Beech
  • Cherry
  • Maple
  • Oak

We have the wood shade, texture, rigidity, veneer and grain that appeals to your sense of style. Not sure what all these terms mean? That’s what we’re here for! Our expert cabinet refacers and kitchen design specialists will help achieve your vision of the perfect kitchen cabinets. We’ll define all the relevant design terms and give you examples to help plan your new cabinets.

Get the Best in Custom Cabinetry & More for Your Brea Home

Kitchen cabinets don’t exist in a vacuum, of course. They have to compliment the overall design and other details of your kitchen. We offer design and/or installation of practical and decorative aspects of your kitchen, including:

  • Kitchen storage, including drawers, cabinets, custom built spice racks, and more.
  • Backsplash design and countertops to add visual interest, texture, and depth to your kitchen.
  • Shelving in open configurations, or with solid cabinet doors for your walls or under a kitchen island.
  • Lighting in traditional, contemporary, or vintage shapes, styles and more.
  • Energy efficient yet elegant under-cabinet options like LED cabinet lighting.
  • Color in your kitchen. We might suggest painting an accent wall for a pop of color or installing colorful appliances. And we can paint your existing or new cabinets in any custom hue you desire.

Get a FREE Cabinet Resurfacing Consultation in Brea

Are you tired of your old cabinets? Are they no longer practical for your needs or do they look worse for wear? Are you ready to renew and rejuvenate your kitchen with custom cabinet refacing? Invite us into your home for a free estimate. Brea homeowners, now is the time to contact Mr. Cabinet Care in Anaheim. Call us today to get started at 714-961-1900!