Maple Cabinets in Los Angeles, San Diego & Orange County

Maple Cabinets in Los Angeles, San Diego & Orange County

If you are looking to beautify your kitchen, Mr. Cabinet Care’s maple wood cabinets are the answer. This cabinet wood is jaw-droppingly gorgeous. If you haven’t seen natural maple cabinets in person, you owe it to yourself to take a look. They are rich in color and quite soft to the touch. Add them to your dated kitchen and this section of your home will have a completely different look and feel.

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Learn About the Beauty of Maple Wood Cabinets

Maple wood is available in more than 100 species. Aside from this incredible variety, it is also praised for its sturdiness. Maple cabinet doors can endure a surprising amount of wear and tear without showing physical defects. If you have any young kids, pets, or clumsy adults in your home, you won’t have to worry about whether your maple cabinets kitchen can withstand collisions.

The look of your kitchen is of the utmost importance. You likely spend a considerable chunk of your time preparing food, socializing, and eating in this section of your home. If your kitchen doesn’t have visual appeal, you won’t feel as comfortable in this space. Furthermore, a kitchen with an outdated aesthetic will make you feel self-conscious when inviting others over to your place.

Implement some gorgeous maple wood cabinets and your kitchen will have an entirely new ambiance. Maple is the top choice for open spaces as it provides a modern and cozy feel. It has the perfect density along with a light and natural look that is sure to impress all onlookers. Its cream hue features subtle gold and/or red tint that complements an array of kitchen colors.

The No-Worries Kitchen Cabinets

Maple is incredibly dense. This close grained wood will never require any sort of staining. We go the extra mile by adding a natural clear coating so your brand new maple wood cabinets look nice and shiny. This wood is incredibly hard and strong. Don’t worry if you bump into one of your new maple cabinets or accidentally slam them shut. No damage will be done unless brute force is applied.

Maple rates a whopping 1450 on the Janka scale that measures wood hardness. This incredible rigidity and natural resistance to shock has made maple wood commonplace at bowling alleys across the world. It takes a beating from the impact of bowling balls without suffering cracks or physical blemishes of any sort. This is the type of low-maintenance kitchen cabinet every homeowner deserves.

Get Custom Maple Wood Kitchen Cabinets in Your Riverside, San Diego, or L.A. Home

Every kitchen becomes a bit stale as time progresses. If you haven’t upgraded your kitchen in years, the addition of new maple wood cabinets is exactly what it needs. Place your trust in the Mr. Cabinet Care team to install these lovely new cabinets in your kitchen and you’ll soon be making excuses to spend more time in your kitchen. Contact us today to schedule a free, no-obligation design consultation—714-961-1900!  

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