Kitchen Cabinet Refacing in Cerritos

Your kitchen is one of the focal points in your Cerritos home, and you want to get a good feeling when you’re in this important room. If your kitchen cabinets aren’t in a style you love (or if they’re in less-than-great shape), Mr. Cabinet Care can help transform your kitchen with cabinet refacing. You’ll be surprised how different your kitchen can look with new kitchen cabinets or cabinet resurfacing service.

Cabinet Refacing in Cerritos

Change your cabinets and add beauty, functionality, and home value.

Cabinet changes made in the kitchen, if done by experts like ours at Mr. Cabinet Care, can really add value to your home. Increased resale value can come with a cabinet remodel, but you’ll also get value from increased usability and a new, refreshed kitchen look that you can enjoy every day. An outline of our cabinet upgrade options:

  • Changing out your cabinets entirely, including getting new cabinet boxes designed and installed, could be an excellent idea if your existing cabinets are impractical and don’t meet your storage needs.
  • Cabinet refacing allows you to remodel your kitchen without the inconvenience or expense of tearing down walls. If you’d just like to change the look, a refacing project, with new cabinet door panels and new hardware, could suffice.
  • Cabinet refinishing is an economical option to consider for your new kitchen look. It is a single-day project to refresh and revive kitchen cabinets. We clean and re-stain your cabinets, hand-sealing them for a lustrous finish. You needn’t disrupt your household or your schedule to get a new look for your kitchen.

Remaking Your Cerritos Area Kitchen with Custom Kitchen Cabinets

Your cabinets don’t exist in isolation, of course, so Mr. Cabinet Care offers experienced kitchen design services that can help you renew the entire cooking and eating space. We can help you envision a new kitchen look you’ll love, including design and/or installation services for:

  • Custom shelves can add practical space to your kitchen walls or island and/or give you space to display decorative dishware or other items.
  • Kitchen storage solutions, beyond cabinets. We build custom spice racks, pantries, and much more.
  • Backsplash options add depth and texture to your kitchen.
  • Lighting advice. We’ll help you find just the right ambiance for your space with lighting options that fit your style and serve your needs.
  • Color consultation. We’ll help you choose your cabinet color, whether natural wood, laminate, or painted, to reflect a calm, relaxed mood or an energetic sensibility. We often recommend painting an accent wall to add a dash of color or installing colorful kitchen appliances.

Choose Materials for Custom Cabinetry or Refacing

At Mr. Cabinet Care, we can advise you about the properties of various types of wood, including: cherry, alder, maple, beech or oak. Wood varies in more than its basic color.

Each species of wood has its unique texture, grain and degree of rigidity which can combine to create a look and feel that’s just right for your kitchen.

For an easy-care option with a modern look, consider laminate cabinet doors in almond, white or a variety of vivid color options. After cabinet refacing, we finish out the complete look with custom moldings, hinges, door and drawer pulls, and more.

Get a Free In-Home Consultation for Custom Kitchen Cabinets in Cerritos

Are your current cabinets in need of a refresh? Refacing or redesigning the kitchen cabinets in your Cerritos home is an economical and creative way to remodel.

Our reputation for superior craftsmanship and design expertise will help you plan kitchen upgrades to achieve your dream kitchen. Contact Mr. Cabinet Care for your free kitchen cabinet refacing or redesign estimate. Call us at 714-961-1900 today!

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