What You Need to Know When Cleaning Kitchen Floor

What You Need to Know When Cleaning Kitchen Floor

Keeping the cleanliness of your kitchen floor is crucial for maintaining an organized and healthy lifestyle. With most of your household chores taking place in the kitchen, it is imperative that the floor must be free of any clutter or mess so that you can safely move around as you accomplish your tasks. However, being exposed to day-to-day activities also makes the kitchen floor highly prone to wear and tear.

Cleaning your floor may sound like a simple job that you do on a regular basis, but did you know that there are varying ways of cleaning specific types of kitchen flooring? Because of the growing number of flooring options in the market, it can be quite risky to stick to a common cleaning agent and equipment as they can cause degradation of your floor in the long run. This means that the first step for proper floor maintenance is identifying the material used for your flooring surface.

Here are some tips that you can apply for cleaning kitchen floors made from wood, linoleum, laminate, and tile:

Cleaning Wooden Floors

The porous nature of wooden floors can make water and an inappropriate cleaning agent. The longer a wooden floor is soaked in water, the more likely it will become less resistant to stains. Hence, it is better to clean your hardwood floor with regular sweeping and dry mopping. Make sure to use a damp mop, and avoid letting small traces of water linger on your floor for too long.

Cleaning Kitchen Floor

Cleaning Linoleum Floors

Linoleum has been a popular flooring material since the 1860s due to its durability and hypoallergenic properties. One of the best ways of cleaning linoleum floors is by using a dry microfiber cloth. This will be enough to get rid of dust and debris in some areas with high foot traffic. You can also purchase a vacuum cleaner and run it around the floor for at least once a week.

Cleaning Laminate Floors

A mixture of vinegar and water can be an excellent cleaning agent for laminate flooring. Just do not allow the mop to be overly soaked in water, and dry the floor with a microfiber cloth after mopping. Avoid using wax, bleach, and acrylic products as it can be detrimental to the finishing of the laminate floor.

Cleaning Tile Floors

Of all types of kitchen flooring, tile is perhaps the easiest one to clean. Ceramic tile can be cleaned using water, detergent, or liquid dish soap. Similar to other flooring materials, never let the standing water stay on the surface as it can form water spots or make the floor slippery.

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