Clear vs Frosted Glass Kitchen Cabinets: Which is Better?


There is something elegant about glass-fronted cabinets. The underlying question, of course, is which is better: frosted glass kitchen cabinets or clear glass kitchen cabinets? In this article, we guide you on their perks so you can make an informed decision.

Benefits of Frosted Glass

  • It Hides the Clutter

Not everyone possesses the stellar organizational skills of our forefathers, whose side hobby were collecting and coveting crystal-cut cutlery and the rarest pale bone china, to be proudly displayed in glass cabinets and never used unless the President visited them.

It is more likely that you use your kitchen cabinets for functionality rather than for decorative purposes, and if that’s the case, you may have a pile of mismatched plates, bowls, cups, glasses and whatnot that you’d rather not display for the distinguished guests you decide to have over once in a blue moon.

Frosted glass keeps people from seeing what’s inside your cabinets. When you put lighting under your cabinets, it makes your kitchen look better. Fingerprints and stains can’t also be seen on the glass.

  • Modern Look

This style is a must-have for modern and contemporary designs. When clear glass is sandblasted, it gets a frosted look. This is because the rough surface scatters light, giving the glass a translucent, blurry look, like a matte finish. Frosted glass lets you see what’s inside your cabinets, but most of the details are hidden. In other words, it’s okay to have one or two dishes out of place.

 Benefits of Clear Glass

  • Elegance

Having clear glass-fronted cabinets requires organization, patience, and discipline. After all, this clean style lets you see right into the middle of your cabinets, which can make you and your guests feel right at home in your kitchen. Clear glass lets you show off how well you keep things organized or how proud you are of your family heirlooms.

  • It Offers a Variety of Styles

Clear glass is easy to use and looks nice. A single piece of flat, strengthened glass that is designed to keep it from breaking easily or a decorative design that will make your kitchen cabinet look better. Transparent glass is cheap and comes in a variety of colors, and you can incorporate the look anywhere.

Here are some examples:

  • Mullioned panes, where mullions separate two pieces of glass, can make them look like windowpanes. Mullions separate two pieces of glass, making them look like windowpanes.
  • Arched panes offer a nice detail to add to traditional kitchens that have a lot going on in the way they are decorated. When you have a mix of door styles in your kitchen, arched fronts can be a nice contrast to rectangular fronts.
  • Sliding glass. This minimalist deconstructed take on glass doors is a great example of how to make something interesting to look at and useful at the same time.

The Bottom Line:

Both frosted and clear glass are beautiful and practical options for kitchen cabinet doors. The ultimate choice of which is better depends on your personal taste.

As the most challenging aspect of using glass cabinets is deciding on a style that works with the rest of your kitchen’s décor, let a team of interior design experts assist you.

Mr. Cabinet Care can help, with their extensive selection of kitchen and bathroom fixtures, including sinks, faucets, and cabinetry, they can assist you create the home of your dreams.


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