Common Kitchen Designing Mistakes


Designing the kitchen is a complicated process that involves numerous decisions: layout, colors, theme, etc., that can clout your brain cells and get you tired. However, avoiding some common mistakes can help you save time, money, and stress.

You can avoid making these mistakes to create your dream kitchen because the following are some of the most common mistakes made when kitchen design. Read on to learn more, and you’ll be glad you stumbled upon this! Hopefully, you have someone to take note of all these to save you a lot of heartaches if ever you are planning to build your dream kitchen.

Common Kitchen Designing Mistakes

Not having enough workspace

Though the placement of cabinets is crucial to the kitchen’s layout, many still get it wrong because functionality should come first before styling. Yes, you have a style in mind, but one must first think about the available kitchen space before putting appliances and setting tables.

For example, the place where the dishes are stored should be near the area where people are working, and other appliances should not block the walkways or other essential features of the kitchen. One may also consider the Work Triangle in designing the kitchen space that allows a good meal preparation flow. Having a proper layout for your kitchen is essential for good kitchen design.

Not considering the role of vertical space

The placement of cabinetry is essential. But some mount cabinets without considering the full use of their kitchen’s vertical space. Yes, it should be near the working area, and the dish cabinet should be close to the washing area. But a good layout will have enough space for everything, including the maximization of cupboards that could extend as far upwards to use its internal space for other kitchen items.

Using vertical spaces can help store appliances that may be used only for specific occasions and then back to storage after events.

Not having appliances measured by professional kitchen builders

The location of appliances is essential, so it should not interfere with the movement of the kitchen. But some homeowners build their cabinets first, without considering the size of their appliances. It’s easier to design a kitchen when all appliances fit your kitchen project’s overall plan and measurement.

When remodeling a kitchen, it’s essential to be aware of the layout of the space. Ideally, it would help with a working kitchen with ample space for seating and other activities. Nonetheless, the kitchen design should be easy for you to move around.

Not having enough workspace

Not considering getting a professional kitchen builder’s help

If you want to avoid the above-mentioned common mistakes, you should consider hiring a professional to redesign your kitchen so you can save yourself from stress and frustration when things don’t go the way you planned them. Professional kitchen builders will tell you how your kitchen could be more beautiful and functional with their expert insights.

So, for any of your home improvement needs, contact us at Mr. Cabinet Care hotline: 714-961-1900! Our representatives and experts are eager to help you avoid these mistakes by helping you design a functional and beautiful kitchen.


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