Creating a Focal Point for your Kitchen – Infographic

Every kitchen has its own focal point. When it comes to planning a kitchen remodeling project, establishing your kitchen’s focal point is necessary to express a specific form of style or artistry. If you never heard this term before, here’s what a focal point means:

Creating a Focal Point for your Kitchen - Infographic


A focal point is a specific area of a room that can easily attract attention. It serves as the centerpiece that stands out among the other elements present within a room. When designing a kitchen, the focal point can be used as an efficient mechanism to define the entire space. Despite the visual prominence of a focal point, it should remain complementary with everything around it to create a sense of aesthetic harmony.


Creating a focal point can be achieved in different ways, especially if you’re designing a kitchen. For a start, you can designate a specific location in your kitchen, such as the island, a backsplash, cabinets, or even a window as your focal point. Once you identified your desired location, it’s time to turn it into a visually appealing focal point worthy of the attention of anyone. You can have it custom-designed or decorated in order for it to appear as distinctive as possible.


Installing a Dramatic Hood

Range hoods in the kitchen can be so large that it can also become a good candidate for being a focal point. Consider adding a new range hood with a dramatic design like ones with ornate carvings and other related decorations to make a space look more elegant.

Designing your Cabinets with Accent Doors

One of the best ways of turning your kitchen cabinets into an excellent focal point is by customizing its doors. There is a wide range of choices that you can try, such as mullion, mirror, louver, glass, and leaded glass doors.

Installing a Decorative Backsplash

Backsplashes come in many colors, shapes, sizes, and patterns that, when fused together, can form a noticeable space around your sink and cooking areas. Don’t hesitate to test a list of different backsplashes so that you can see if it looks good with the entirety of your kitchen.

Have an Authentic-looking Kitchen Island

If you wanted a focal point that stands right at the center of your kitchen, then your best option would be a unique kitchen island. Be sure to experiment with a lot of designs as it can affect kitchen islands plays a significant role in your daily lifestyle.

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