How to Design a Tuscan-Style Kitchen – Infographic

Known for providing a warm and welcoming ambiance for any room, Tuscan-style is arguably one of the most intriguing trends in kitchen design today. With a greater emphasis in the use of natural wood, as well as old-world accessories, this budget-friendly yet elegant style is now becoming more mainstream for homeowners who are opting for a hardcore classical kitchen.

Tuscan-style kitchens also possess a level of charm that enables the area to compete with the living room in terms of being the central gathering place of a house. In case you’re looking for a kitchen remodeling contractor to revamp your old kitchen, then you should consider turning it into a Tuscan-styled one.

How to Design a Tuscan-Style Kitchen Infographic

Tuscan-style: Its Origins

The term “Tuscan” originated from the name of a region situated in Italy called Tuscany. Tuscan is considered to be one of the oldest and prominent forms of architecture in Italy. This style was eventually applied in kitchen design as it is today.

Turning Your Kitchen Tuscan-Style

The Cabinets

Since your kitchen cabinets will occupy a significant portion of the kitchen’s wall space, it’s imperative that you pay attention to its details. When choosing the optimal cabinet material, you can go for either cherry or maple. The natural brown stains of the two wooden materials are appealing enough to fill the aesthetic void in your walls. Make sure to choose doors with ornate decorative hoods, cornices, and shelves.

Evoking Tuscan Vibe with Colors

When painting your kitchen, be sure to stick with the theme that usually associated with the word Tuscany. You can simply search the web for photos featuring structural landmarks in the region. The most striking colors that correspond well with Tuscan-style are the following:

  • Warm red
  • Olive Green
  • Deep Brown
  • Sky Blue
  • Gold

The Flooring

The flooring is another crucial aspect that you must consider when designing a Tuscan-style kitchen. The by far best tile material that you can use are terra cotta or travertine tiles. Both tiles are excellent representations of Tuscan design that can streamline the look of your flooring.

Another option you have if you don’t fancy using tiles are distressed wide plank flooring. They almost function in a similar fashion as the tiles but with a more authentic Tuscan look.

The Tile Backsplash

Make sure that the backsplash will be more inspired by incorporating ancient European design. You can have your backsplash custom-made with adornments that you find interesting.

The Countertops

The finishing touch can be applied to your kitchen countertops by installing one made from granite material. The distinctive natural shades of granite rock are just another ideal addition to augment the beauty of Tuscan style to your kitchen. One highly recommended color for Tuscan countertops is beige.

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