Designing a Modern Kitchen: A Guide to Planning a Kitchen


Designing a Modern Kitchen: A Guide to Planning a Kitchen

Kitchen designs have changed a lot over the decades. It used to be that the kitchen was Mom’s domain and that other family members entered perhaps just to enjoy a meal together or, on occasion, to help Mom with her everyday meal preparation.

These days, designing kitchens means much more than just making a space to cook the day’s meals. Kitchens are a family affair, especially since the pandemic when entire families were working from spaces within the kitchen. As such, planning a kitchen is so much different now than it was just five years ago, with the emphasis being on a space where you can not only cook and eat but also work and relax.

Considering the basics

If you’re starting to think about a kitchen remodel, it’s a good idea to begin by hiring an expert and then brainstorming together about your design.

First, consider how you will use the kitchen. Is it a space where your family hangs out all day, especially on the weekends? Will your kids be doing homework at the table or in a dedicated space within the kitchen? Are you working from home and need a special nook for your desk? Once you’ve considered these factors, you’re closer to starting the process of remodeling.

But here are some other things to think about:

  • Budget – Obviously, the first consideration is how much money you can spend on your kitchen remodel project. Remember, designing kitchens that work doesn’t necessarily mean you need to spend a million bucks. Make a budget, stick to it, and see what you can do with the money you’re willing to spend.
  • Layout – While you were brainstorming with your Mr. Cabinet Care expert, you most likely outlined your expectations for your kitchen. The layout will have a huge impact on this. So, if you’re able to change the layout, consider what will work best for you, whether it’s a traditional L or U shape or something totally different.
  • Measure – Now that you know what you want to include, be sure you have an expert take accurate measurements so you know how to make everything work together. You may find you have to sacrifice something, but with a clear knowledge of your options, you can likely make it work for you.
  • Room size and lighting – You might love those tall European-style cherry cabinets, but they might not be right for the size of your kitchen. Small kitchens might fare better with white Shaker kitchen cabinets or something less stately. On the other hand, your already dark kitchen with little natural light might benefit from a modern white kitchen design. Ask your consultant what he/she recommends for your type of kitchen.
  • Complement the rest of your house – If your home is minimalist and not ornately decorated, you might benefit from those previously mentioned white Shaker kitchen cabinets, which include clean lines and little decoration. Or if your furnishings are frillier, you may want to choose cabinets with fancy trim and ornate hardware. Again, your consultant can offer suggestions to match your home.
  • Factor in appliances – When most people are designing the kitchens of their dreams, that dream includes new appliances. Depending on what you choose, that can take a chunk out of your budget, so plan accordingly.
  • Color, color, color – Give a lot of thought to color; not just the color of your cabinets but that of your walls, countertops, backsplash, and floors as well. Modern white kitchens, for example, can look totally different with dark walls than with pastel shades. Or those plain white Shaker kitchen cabinets can be beautifully complemented by a bright tile backsplash or a 50’s-style black-and-white floor. Think about what kind of vibe you want to present and use color to make it happen.
  • Counter space – When designing kitchens, professionals spend plenty of time looking at workspaces including counter space. If you love to cook, counter space will be a big deal for you. You might even want to add an island. If you’re more the take-out type, it may not be as important.
  • Other costs – Finally, don’t forget to factor in all the other things that make your kitchen stand out, like faucets, lighting, flooring, and more. These all add to the cost but leaving them until the last minute and not figuring in the expense associated with them could mean you wind up with something that detracts rather than adds to your new kitchen.

Remember, whether you’re going with one of those ever-popular modern white kitchens or perhaps something new in gray or green, or maybe something much more traditional, you need to plan first. At Mr. Cabinet Care, we’re experts in the planning stage and will be with you from that first brainstorming session until the last tile is put in place. For more information on our products and services, visit us at

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