Easy Ways to Decorate Your Kitchen Wall – Infographic

When it comes in kitchen decoration, the wall part tends to be the most neglected one. Having a beautiful and eye-catching wall can single-handedly dictate the overall look of a house, let alone the kitchen.

Sometimes, simply painting it with whatever color you want doesn’t do the job. If you’re opting for originality, you need to come up with something unique and will match your preferences at the same time.

So, if you wanted to give that old kitchen wall of yours some cool makeover, here are some of the easiest ways of decorating it:

Easy Ways to Decorate Your Kitchen Wall - Infographic


  • Choosing a theme you like.

Following a theme in any form of artistry makes a design timeless and could endure ages where new trends start to topple down the old reigning ones. Before decorating your kitchen wall, one good recommendation is that try choosing a theme that will suit your personality as the owner.

For example, if you’re into photography, hanging up some pictures of your family or paintings is one good way of boosting the look of a seemingly dull and empty kitchen wall. You love cooking? Then post some pictures of food instead. How about collecting old and vintage cookware? Then go and place them there! Another reminder is that incorporating kitchen elements with whatever you love is a great way to introduce your kitchen to your guests.


  • Personalizing your wall using chalkboard paint.

A trend worth mentioning among kitchen wall designing nowadays is the use of chalkboard paints to make your kitchen more like a small bar or a cafeteria. Aside from being cheap, having a chalkboard-inspired wall combined with some classic wine bottles hanging around is an excellent trick to fill up a plain and boringly wide wall space.


  • Try open shelving if you’re a minimalist.

Minimalism is a term that refers to a preference in the art that focuses on the omission of too many elements that some might view as a distraction or a hindrance on the aesthetic quality of an object. As for decorating your wall, if it’s fewer knick-knacks you need but still don’t want your wall to be empty, consider open shelving.

By placing either one or two floating shelves on the wall, you don’t have to worry about having a wasted wall space for you can now use it to store some of your most valuable kitchen tools.


  • Giving attention to the focal point.

Basically speaking, the focal point is a place where anyone will notice first the moment they entered its premises. When choosing which wall area is to be decorated, prioritizing the one closest to the focal point is highly important. You can apply any of the tips mentioned in this infographic after.


  • Using the best colors and consulting an expert.

While simply choosing the color you want is not a very good idea, knowing what’s best is better. This is best to be discussed with anyone who specializes in this kind of work aka professional kitchen designers. Having someone who has the expertise might save you some time as their advice can help a lot when they already paid a good visit to your kitchen.


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