Enhancing Your Kitchen Lifestyle with Touch-Free Technology – Infographic

Touch-free also goes by the term hands-free is a form of modern technology that utilizes automated features to enable a device to be used without the help of human hands. While the most common types of touch-free technology are wireless communication devices, this particular trend is starting to gain popularity in the kitchen remodeling industry.

The use of kitchen appliances with advanced features is a growing need worldwide, especially with the spread of COVID-19. The virus, known for infecting millions of people today, can be transferred to any person or object through physical contact. And for many homes, the kitchen is the area considered to be an ideal place for different types of bacteria and viruses to multiply.

Integrating touch-free technology to some of the kitchen appliances and units reduces the need for physical contact with items that are possibly hosting a variety of viruses and other harmful microorganisms. It also optimizes daily kitchen chores such as preparing meals and washing dishes by making them more convenient and faster to accomplish.

Kitchen Technology - Infographic

Touch-Free Kitchen Appliances

Below are three notable examples of touch-free kitchen appliances that you can install for your home:

Custom Kitchen Lighting

Contemporary designs of light fixtures tend to be energy-efficient, reducing your monthly bills in the long run. There are custom light fixtures currently available in the market that can be operated with a remote device, and some are even capable of using motion sensors.

Hands-free Faucets

Faucets are one of the major candidates for harboring a variety of disease-causing germs. With a hands-free faucet, you don’t have to risk getting ill as you can simply gain access to clean water without touching a handle. Another advantage of a hands-free faucet is that it consumes less water compared to its traditional design, where the motion of switching the valve on and off can waste a significant amount of water from time to time.

Commonly seen in malls and restaurants, this type of faucet is expected to become a mainstream feature in household kitchens in the coming years.

Smart Refrigerators

Similar to light fixtures, smart refrigerators are also energy-efficient. But what makes a smart fridge unique is that it enables the owner to view its contents via smartphone, and some designs can even adjust their temperature and humidity based on the objects being stored. These features can provide ease and convenience in using the fridge, minimizing the need to open its doors.

Beating COVID-19 with Touch-free Technology

Protect your family by making your kitchen a safer place to live with touch-free technology. From the faucets, lighting, and fridge, limiting physical contacts as you go on with your daily lifestyle is now possible. Consider installing them for your next kitchen remodeling project!

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