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What Animal Do You See?
This Optical Illusion Reveals Your Personality. Are You Creative, Curious or a Risk Taker?
Find Out With The Optical Illusion Test!


This optical illusion has a simple concept – all you have to do is look at that image and say which animal you see first –

Don’t overthink it, just go with your first instinct when you look at the image.


You’re in for a treat.  You won’t believe the deals we have for you!

To reveal the DEAL please do the following:

  1. Write the animal you see first
  2. Set-up a FREE In-Home Estimate today and see how we can help!
  3. We’ll let you know about your exclusive deal at the appointment.
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What is The Optical Illusion?

The image, which was first highlighted by US publisher Your Tango has been

Doing the rounds on social media. The image shows nine animals hidden in an image –

a stallion, a rooster, a crab, a praying mantis, a wolf, a falcon, a dog, a butterfly, and a dove.

What Does It Say About You If You Saw This Animal First:

Stallion – You’ll follow whatever your heart desires and you can be impulsive sometimes, but it’s those same traits that make up for an independent personality with the ability to act appropriately in social situations!

Rooster – You are the kind of person who is confident and like showing off their skills when they can, but not at all times. You’re also likely to be supportive towards others because it’s in your nature protect them too!

Crab – You may have a harder exterior but are actually very soft and sensitive on the inside. It’s also an indication that much like how crabs move around to find their way back home from someplace else-you’ll need a few different directions before reaching your goals!

Praying Mantis – You love peace and quiet, but you also know how to have fun. You’re an intelligent individual with a good memory who’s not afraid of waiting for what they want in life; however sometimes it might take time before that happens because your mood can change easily or be overwhelmed by chaotic situations if those are too much at once!

Wolf – The person who has this Gift is a natural leader and survivor, intelligent with fearless resolve to carve their own path in life. They are very happy when they have time alone as opposed spending it surrounded by others that make them feel uncomfortable or bored.  They crave adventure on an emotional level but also enjoy being around friends because of how much fun together activities can be!

Falcon – Leadership is in your blood. You are the kind of person who can lead others through thick and thin, always remaining positive about everything they do or say – even when things don’t go as planned! The way you carry yourself gives off an amounting sense that people want nothing more than to be led by someone brave enough take on responsibility head-on without question (and sometimes even at great risk).

Dog – You are a person that likes to please everyone and look after their loved ones. You’re kind-hearted, protective of those you love–just like man’s best friend!

Butterfly – With your natural grace and beauty, you can get through difficult situations with ease. Your impressive self-growth techniques often inspire others around you as well!

Dove – You are the most gentle, hopeful, and innocent person in every room you enter. People love being around you because of this calming presence that always brings peace to their days or weeks if not longer!

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