Gorgeous Eat-In Kitchens That You Might Want to Try

April 22, 2021

Gorgeous Eat-In Kitchens That You Might Want to Try

While kitchens are originally designed to provide a dedicated portion of a house for preparing meals, such areas have also grown to become ideal for social interactions, similar to the purpose of a living room. The cooking and dining areas are no consolidated, which prompted the best kitchen remodeling companies in Southern California to come up with different ways to innovate the diversity of modern kitchen design.

Many kitchens today are equipped with a kitchen island that can accommodate a number of tasks, such as organizing ingredients and even dining. The common set-up of a kitchen island surrounded by chairs is considered a staple found in eat-in kitchens.

What is an Eat-in Kitchen?

What is an Eat-in Kitchen?

As the name suggests, eat-in kitchens are designed to let people eat their meal in the same place where it was prepared. One distinctive characteristic of these kitchens is that they can provide seats and tables for a specific number of people while ensuring that the room’s layout is optimized to prevent heavy foot traffic.

Eat-in kitchens are pretty popular nowadays because they offer comfortability both in the areas of design and maintenance. Apart from giving more opportunities for homeowners to customize the configuration of their chairs, tables, and island, eat-in kitchens promote a cleaner environment as you don’t have to carry the food from one room to another.

Different Examples of Eat-In Kitchen Configurations

Here is a list of eat-in kitchen configurations that you might want to give a try:

Modern Galley

Modern Galley – In case you are sporting a one-wall kitchen, you can still make good use of your limited space by setting up an eat-in table and three chairs adjacent to your kitchen’s main wall. To avoid making your kitchen looked cramped, try opening your windows to let the natural light provide an illusion of a bigger space.

Transitional Style Dinner Area

Transitional Style Dinner Area – Consider mixing different styles of chairs to create an eye-catching pattern that compliments the design of the area. You can opt for a combination of modern and traditional chairs, paired with a wooden table and ornate chandeliers, for an attractive-looking eat-in kitchen that follows a distinctive transitional style.

Minimalist Eat-in Kitchen

Minimalist Eat-in Kitchen – Not a fan of glamorous and overly decorated kitchens? Then perhaps a minimalist eat-in kitchen might be your best choice. A simple arrangement of chairs and tables is enough to create a statement to an otherwise empty kitchen space.

Country cottage

Country cottage – You can create some rustic vibes in your kitchen by investing in wooden materials for your eat-in area. Have a set of high-quality wooden chairs, preferably made from oak with some pendant lights, for a unique, eclectic effect.

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