How to Turn Your Kitchen into a Coffee Bar


How to Turn Your Kitchen into a Coffee Bar


Having a coffee bar in your kitchen can be easy if you have the right furniture and a creative mind. You don’t have to spend a fortune to set one up, and you don’t need much space.

You can use a tiered tray, a bar cart, or built-in cabinets to set up a stylish coffee station. Besides coffee, you can use flavored syrups and add DIY decor for a unique look. Here are some tips to transform your dining and cooking area into a coffee bar during a kitchen remodeling project:

Tiered Shelving

Tiered shelving is an excellent choice for a coffee bar in the kitchen. It allows you to maximize counter space while displaying your coffee cups and accessories. Moreover, you can also use it to store plants. This type of shelving is more creative than traditional models.

Converting An Old Wardrobe or Cupboard

Converting an old wardrobe or cupboard into your coffee bar is a great way to save space. The space can also be used to store towels. There are plenty of storage options, including Ikea storage carts and bookcases.

Using A Bar Cart

If you love to make coffee at home, a bar cart is a perfect place to store your coffee supplies. This cart provides ample surface area for your coffee maker and other supplies, and it also has an extra shelf at the bottom for storing coasters and remote controls. It can also store other small items like books and magazines. You can add some decorations to your cart for a more stylish look.

Adding Built-In Cabinets

Building coffee stations into a kitchen wall is a great way to maximize your limited wall space. A coffee bar with built-in cabinets provides extra seating and storage. You can add a small mirror above the sink to add an extra touch to the room.

Adding A Tray

You’ll need a few essential pieces if you’d like to turn your kitchen into a coffee bar. One of the most important is a pour-over coffee stand. Everything else can be kept in a tray. The tray will hold smaller containers of coffee grounds, beans, and sugar canisters. You can also place a vase of flowers on the tray to brighten the space. If you use the coffee bar area for entertaining, you might consider a sign that says “coffee bar” on it.

Decorating With Seasonal Decor

If you’d like to have a coffee bar in your kitchen, there are many ways to decorate it with seasonal decor. A coffee station can be a great space to decorate holiday decorations, such as a farmhouse sign or bunny mugs. You can also use an accent table to set up a coffee station with bunny mugs and other Easter decor.

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