Kitchen Cabinet Hardware Ideas

Kitchen Cabinet Hardware Ideas

If you’re already done sprucing up the main parts of your kitchen, it’s time to get down to the tiniest details! Here are six kitchen cabinet hardware ideas to help you make your kitchen look extra stunning and efficient:

Horizontal Pulls

Do you want to achieve a sleek, minimalist look for your kitchen without ditching your cabinet handles?  Then horizontal pulls are a must-have! Horizontal pulls form a linear direction that creates an optical illusion of a wider and elongated space.

Acrylic Handles

Acrylic handles are a great alternative for minimalist “push-to-open” cabinets and horizontal pulls. Why? Because acrylics are clear, transparent, and seem invisible from afar. You can try acrylic bar handles or square acrylic knobs a for a tidy and classy look.

Metallic-tone Handles

However, if you think that acrylic handles are too light, metallic handles are your best pick! Have you heard of the mixed metallics phenomenon? If not, don’t worry, you’re not yet missing out on the hottest trend! You can try matching your kitchen cabinet handles with your faucet for a uniform look. Check out this kitchen with matching gold faucet and handles for inspiration.

Sliding Spice Rack

Did you know that light, air, moisture, and heat affect the quality of your spices? That’s why you should store it in a dry and dark place. Instead of storing your spices inside your fridge (because the low temperature of your fridge can make your spices moist), why not install a sliding spice rack in your kitchen cabinet instead?

Pull-out Trash Bins

Kitchen wastes like vegetable peelings and food leftovers give off a foul smell, so why not put them out of sight (and far from your nose)? Using pull-out trash bins will make your kitchen look and smell clean.

Under Cabinet LEDs

Installing under cabinet LEDs is like hitting two birds with one stone because it’s best for chopping and kitchen work areas (there are less shadows, and the lighting is focused on your workspace) and it will also help you save money because it consumes seventy-five percent less energy than incandescent lighting.

Without a doubt, focusing on small details really make a big change. Accomplish your kitchen’s finishing touches through our kitchen cabinet accessories and hardware installation services! Contact us at (714) 961-1900 and feel free to visit our showroom for actual design and material options.

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