Kitchen Cabinet Refacing Tips: Should You Install End Panels?

Kitchen Cabinet Refacing Tips: Should You Install End Panels?

If you’re on a budget but still eager to give your kitchen a fresh new look and you’ve chosen to do that with cabinet refacing, you’re a smart consumer! Cabinet refacing is a wonderful option for those who don’t want to spend a fortune on their kitchen remodel but still want to make changes that will not only improve the look and function of their kitchen but also boost the resale value of their home.

So, if you’ve decided that cabinet refacing is the way go to, you’ve probably begun to hash out all the details with the contractor that’s doing all the work. No doubt you’ve talked about door and drawer styles, materials, and more. Perhaps you’ve talked about cabinet end panels as well, which are a detail that really shouldn’t be missed.

What are end panels?

An end panel serves as a decorative element for your cabinets. They cover and conceal the very rough look you’ll find at the end of any base or wall cabinet. Often constructed from solid wood in order to create an illusion that your entire cabinet is made of wood, end panels offer a clean, seamless design in your kitchen space. They have no actual structural purpose but are purely for aesthetics.

The end panel might have a similar inlay pattern to that of the cabinet door or may be slightly varied but complementary to indicate that it is indeed a decorative piece and not a functional one.

Why use end panels?

Perhaps the question here is why not use end panels. Truly, end panels finish the job. By using them, you get a complete, uniform look without any spots that look unfinished. Everything looks squared off and even, and the sides of your cabinets will be flush with the frame as well. That really does provide the pristine look most homeowners seek and lets others know that you didn’t cut corners on your refacing project.

In addition, if you are planning on installing crown molding, you’ll need the side of the cabinet to be flush in order to construct a clean corner. An end panel will make it easier to install the molding and the end result will be more pleasing to the eye.

If you’ve opted for high gloss or painted cabinets, you won’t really be able to eliminate the need for end panels. If you leave them out of the mix, you’ll be left with that rough base that will really stick out, and any surrounding walls and kitchen units would appear dull as well without a matching end panel for your glossy cabinets.

Installation is easy

Installing end panels is simple, especially for the experienced cabinet refacing specialist. As a matter of fact, installing them will add little time to the project but will make the end result so much more cohesive. The work will be done in conjunction with the rest of the job so there’s no need to schedule extra work time.

If you’re still not sure whether you want to include end panels with your refacing job or which end panels to choose, talk to your cabinet refacing expert for a little extra guidance in making your decision.