Kitchen Designing 101: Things You Need to Know

Kitchen Designing 101: Things You Need to Know

Current trends in the world of kitchen design enable millions of homeowners worldwide to come up with a bunch of unique and original ideas in giving their own kitchen a sense of identity. This is by incorporating certain elements such as specific themes, layout, colors, and decorations of their choice.

However, others might feel a bit confused and even find it quite difficult when it comes to planning the future overall design of their kitchen. This is especially more common among people who just recently bought a new house or those looking to give their old kitchens a major renovation.

This article will discuss some of the most important things you should know about kitchen designing that will surely help you find the best kitchen look that will suit your needs.

Never hesitate to talk with your kitchen designer

Poor communication with the kitchen designer is often the number one reason in getting the kitchen design that you never truly want. Since they are the one in charge, you must supply them with everything you wanted to do with your kitchen.

Moreover, they can be extremely helpful when you need some expert advice on what’s the best designing options available as well as the latest trends that will match your kitchen space, appliances, countertops, etc.

Consider your budget

One good thing to never neglect is the target budget especially when kitchen designing suddenly comes in your mind. This matter must also be thoroughly discussed with your chosen service provider so that they can decide on what changes in the kitchen they can make which you can surely afford. Also, look for some of the best options they can offer and compare each of those based on their cost. Take for example the difference of having an open shelving to installing closed cupboards.

Kitchen Designing 101 - Things You Need to Know

The kitchen work triangle

Speaking about the lay out, the kitchen work triangle has been considered to be one of the most efficient principles in kitchen designing. This may sound a bit technical, but it’s quite simple. By positioning three of the most important work zones in the kitchen (the cooktop, sink, and the refrigerator) into a triangular form, it makes most of the busiest kitchen chores a lot easier as the three work zones are in close proximity to each other enabling less effort in walking around.

This layout style basically helps anyone in saving a lot of time. If you want to learn more about organizing all the stuff in your kitchen in a practical way, take a look at this article here.

Never forget the lighting

While it is a common knowledge to set the main source of light right at the center of your kitchen, having a rough idea as to how you will position all the secondary lights can make a big impact on its functionality in a 24-hour basis. Since light further triggers the quality of colors, it is highly recommended to place some of your auxiliary lights on spots such as the dinner tables, countertops, and cooking preparation area. This way it will give more emphasis on the overall color design of your kitchen.


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