Kitchen Remodeling 101: Features of a Classic Kitchen

Kitchen Remodeling 101: Features of a Classic Kitchen

Following a specific style is a vital factor that makes the difference on whether a kitchen could have an aesthetically pleasing appearance or not. Most kitchen designers today emphasize the importance of style as it helps improve the combination of elements that every kitchen contain. And one of the most popular styles of all time is classical kitchen design.

Having a classical kitchen can bring a lot of benefits to your home. Aside from making your cooking and dining area much more stylish through the introduction of wood and natural materials, it could also prove to be a timeless design that can rival even the latest kitchen trends. Not to mention that you really don’t have to spend that much money, making it quite a practical option for some people.

But in case you’re not that familiar with classic kitchen designing, and you’re planning to remodel your kitchen soon enough, this article is for you. Here are several features that can help you create a timeless classical look for your kitchen.

A Tile Backsplash

While backsplashes usually come in varying shapes, materials, and sizes, it is worth noting that tile backsplashes are still the best classical choice available. You can go for subway tiles which are excellent in exuding an instant classical look, especially if you purchased the white-colored ones. Another advantage is that they can be installed on any pattern that you want.

Quartz Countertops

Classical kitchens often have one distinct characteristic that makes them stand out among the rest: timelessness. If it’s a timeless style you need, you should opt for quartz countertops. It may be a bit expensive, but we can assure you that it’s worth the investment indeed. Quartz countertops are considered to be a staple for most classic kitchens, so always keep this in mind.

Features of a Classic Kitchen

White kitchen

Another defining characteristic of a classic design is the sense of bringing the past to the present. Kitchens during the Victorian period are usually made up of white materials, as it is one of the most available colors during that age. This trend somehow managed to endure the test of time as we can see to most kitchens today.

Small kitchens can benefit the most out of using white elements as it helps create the illusion of a bigger space. It’s good to start turning your kitchen white by starting with your cabinetry. The neutrality of white is also ideal for improving your home’s real estate value just in case you’re planning to sell it in the future.

Deep sinks

Of course, the classical design does not only focus on mere appearance. Functionality is another essential factor, so having a large and deep sink is a good example. Regardless of what type of kitchen chore you’re trying to accomplish, deep sinks offer a considerable level of versatility.

Simple cabinet door styles

In a classical kitchen, you don’t have to go to the extremes just to achieve that ornate and historical look. You can simply find basic cabinet doors like those with bead moldings.


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