Kitchen Remodeling Concepts for 2022


It’s a year of zones and open spaces for home designing, especially the kitchen. Homeowners can divide their kitchens into distinct zones using cabinetry, screen walls, and freestanding furniture. These areas can also be used as quiet nooks where children can do their homework or read a book, especially since the concept of studying at home has become a trend due to the recent pandemic that started in 2020.

Kitchen Remodeling Concepts for 2022

Here are some kitchen remodeling concepts that will be popular in 2022:

Kitchen Islands and island space is crucial feature of the new kitchen.

 In addition to serving as a workspace, islands are also significant social areas of the home. Two islands can be created for entertaining and meal prep with the new trends. One island can be used for cooking, the other for eating and homework. In addition to creating a functional space, an island can sit and eat. Having a second island means guests will not disrupt the flow of cooking.

A hub for social interaction.

 True enough, the kitchen has become an environment where it is essential to create an inviting conversation. More open spaces are key to the 2022 kitchen remodeling concepts. The area is designed to provide more open areas to increase social interaction.

Walk-in pantries.

 While traditional kitchen remodeling concepts are still popular, many homeowners are experimenting with new designs. One concept that has become so popular is a space in the kitchen specially made for storing food. When the COVID-19 pandemic started in 2020, many households had to stay home for many months to help prevent the spread of the deadly virus.

As many families worldwide had to stay at home, this meant small appliances, cookbooks, canned goods, storing food enough for everyone to avoid going outside. Now that COVID-19 cases are dwindling, walk-in pantries are here to stay because work-from-home and study-from-home lifestyles have become a trend and people at home need something to always munch on.

Open shelves for indoor plants

Smart kitchen appliances

 The kitchen now is more than just a place for food preparation and eating. It has become one pleasant place to stay and have healthy conversations with people inside the house. Within it is that many households are also becoming dependent on using day-to-day intelligent appliances that do the job with just one tap using advanced technology. These smart appliances help family members save time preparing food and have more time together.

Open shelves for indoor plants

 During long periods of staying at home, people learned how to cook meals and gardening. For other people, this meant having plants that could be grown inside the house or in their backyards for easy access to ingredients when needed.

Many homeowners made open shelves a trend in their kitchen to place their indoor plants to help in air purifying. Herbs and other palatable plants are also placed there for a farm-to-table meal preparation style.

If you are looking for a kitchen design concept for the future, consider these tips to keep the family happy and healthy. For any of your home improvement needs, contact us at Mr. Cabinet Care hotline: 714-961-1900!


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