Kitchen Remodeling- How the Right Kitchen can be a Center for Your Family

The kitchen has evolved from being just a place to prepare meals into a center for the family. It is now a place where all members of the family gather after a long day at work or school. While there are still some people who tend to watch TV during meals, they would gather in the kitchen at least once a day. More often than not, it will be for a quick breakfast. And because of this trend, homeowners are looking for kitchen remodeling ideas to turn the area into a center for their family. A modern kitchen is known for its versatility while maintaining its status as the heart and soul of one’s home.

Open Floor Plan

In order to be a center for the family, the right kitchen must be a social hub. It takes more than just basic cabinet remodeling to turn the kitchen into a more inviting space for all members of the family. The kitchen must have an open floor plan so that it seamlessly flows to the living areas around it. For homes that have a separated kitchen, it is recommended to remove one of the walls so that it opens up to the adjacent living or dining area.

A well-designed half wall can be used as a bridge between the kitchen and the dining area. On the kitchen side of the wall you can have additional storage spaces while the other side features the dining table.

Kitchen Island and Stools

A kitchen with an open floor plan often features an island. It makes the kitchen a social hub. Modern kitchen islands come in various styles and layouts. They can be used as serving or prepping areas. During kitchen remodeling, picking the right stools for the island can be fun design tool to consider. Bar stools should be comfortable for family and guests but are also a great way to add color and pattern.

Combination of Function and Form

Another vital aspect to consider when remodeling a kitchen, is the balance between function and form!To become a social hub for the family, the kitchen must have a welcoming atmosphere. You should consider cabinet refinishing to make the area more relaxed and casual. A lot of homeowners try to make their kitchen into a sterile environment, where kids can’t touch anything. In order to make the kitchen a center for your family, there must be no restrictions and at the same time must look good.

The kitchen must be a family-friendly area where everyone is welcome. Instead of countertops made of marble, you should opt for surfaces such as granite or quartz that are more durable.

Kid-Friendly Kitchen

If you have kids, then invest in surfaces and decors that can withstand the wear and tear of having them around. You should also consider having kid-sized stools that will make the kitchen more inviting to children. You can also opt for a helping stool that allows kids to access the counters and sinks. You can place the cabinets with glass doors at a level where the younger ones can’t reach them. Corners must also be child-proof to avoid accidents.

Cozy Nook or Work Zone

The right kitchen must have an area that kids can use to do their homework while you are preparing dinner. A table and chair are enough to serve the purpose. You should also consider giving them room in one of the kitchen cabinets for their stuff. That way they don’t need to go to their room for their school books. Moms with little kids should consider having a corner in the kitchen to serve as a play area. If the kitchen has a window nook, consider adding a daybed during kitchen remodeling

As you can see, the kitchen can be a center for a family. During your kitchen remodeling, consider making the area more flexible that allows the entire family to spend more time in it. Family time in the kitchen is a good way to bond with one another. If you need help with your kitchen remodeling, contact Mr. Cabinet Care. They are the most trusted company in Southern California.

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