Kitchen Remodeling & Kitchen Renovation: What You Need to Know

While kitchen remodeling and renovation are often used interchangeably, there are a a number of differences between kitchen renovation and remodeling. The former focuses on changing the appearance of a room without making any structural changes. The former focuses on adding new appliances, fixtures, and flooring. Whether you want to add a breakfast nook or add new flooring, both types will change the look and feel of a room. On the other hand, a renovation focuses on creating a whole new look for a room.

Kitchen Remodeling & Kitchen Renovation

Scope of the Project

The costs involved in a kitchen remodeling in Riverside depend on the project’s scope. While a minor remodel is relatively inexpensive, a significant renovation can cost thousands of dollars. Moreover, you’ll lose valuable space during construction, which may impact your lifestyle. You’ll also need to consider your budget and the impact on the value of your house, so you must choose carefully. Regardless of the final result, a kitchen remodeling will improve the functionality of the room and add value to your home.

The Phasing of the Project

A kitchen renovation involves a design phase. You and a professional team will work together to develop a detailed plan for the project. This will include details about the room’s footprint, plumbing, cabinetry, backsplashes, flooring, lighting, and appliances. Depending on the scope of the project, the installation stage will take more time than the actual project. A general contractor may already have design experience. Some have designers on staff and can provide referrals to an architect if needed.

What You Need to Know

The Need of Hiring a Professional

A professional should handle both phases in a remodeling and renovation project. An individual must carefully consider the scope of the work to avoid any complications. The latter may require extensive electrical work and plumbing. In addition, the work of installing custom cabinetry and millwork will require permits and building board approvals, which can be difficult or impossible. A professional should be hired for the job.

The Costs

Kitchen remodeling in Yorba Linda is more expensive than a typical renovation project. This is because a kitchen remodeling process may be more complicated. For instance, a custom kitchen can take four months to complete. A home renovation project can include custom cabinetry and millwork and require city permits. A remodeling project can be an investment in your home. However, a well-done remodel can increase its value dramatically.

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