Knock on Wood: How to Select the Best Type of Wood for Your Kitchen Cabinets?

August 12, 2021

Knock on Wood: How to Select the Best Type of Wood for Your Kitchen Cabinets?

Knock, knock, knocking on heaven’s door. It will be a magical feeling if it’s possible, right? But it is actually possible—it depends on how you define your heaven.

Why Prioritize the Kitchen Cabinet?

Why Prioritize the Kitchen Cabinet?

For kitchen enthusiasts, their heaven can be their kitchen cabinets. From ingredients to equipment, you can find everything you need to keep the kitchen running. The cabinet is one of the most important components in the kitchen. When it is not properly maintained, it may cause trouble in paradise. If you are interested in remodeling your kitchen cabinets, you must refresh your mind on which type of wood will fit your kitchen’s needs. Here is a guide on different types of woods for your kitchen cabinet and how you must choose between them.


With Maple, you can create different styles of cabinetry. It has a smooth, fine grain and is versatile in color and texture. Maple is easy to get and easy to work with, making it a popular choice. This wood can be painted or stained, or varnished to create amazing results. Do you prefer a combination of low-to-moderate pricing and versatility to fit any style? Then Maple is for you.

Kitchen Cabinet Color


Walnut is very easy to work with, which makes it a popular choice for kitchen cabinets. It only requires a light finish to bring out its best colors. If you are going for a classic look, you can apply a darker finish. Are you into high color variation with a warm look? The walnut can range from traditional to ultra-contemporary.


Cherry has a vibrant color that darkens as it ages, appearing in high-end woodworking projects. It’s popular for kitchen cabinets for having a timeless, classic look. Cherry is perfect for someone who wants a rich, traditional style.

Clear Alder

Clear Alder is used extensively to create distressed and antiqued finishes. Compared to Cherry, it becomes lighter as it ages when exposed to sunlight. Clear Alder can also be used to create transitional and traditional styles. Furthermore, it is easier to work with and cheaper, making it the perfect alternative to cherry.

Rift Oak

Rift oak is right for you if you prefer a linear grain and can be stained in various colors (from creamy tan to beige). It is a popular choice for modern designs due to its grain pattern and color. However, you can also use it in transitional or traditional designs. Rift oak can be marginally more costly than traditional oak. This wood is simple to work with, and once stained properly, it will shine.


Oak can make a beautiful traditional-looking cabinet. On the contrary, some woodworkers today use it to create modern designs. If you are looking for a more affordable and readily available option than rift oak, oak is the budget-friendly choice. Staining oak cabinets were the traditional way to cover them. However, there are many interesting paint options available nowadays.


There are similarities between Knotty Alder and Clear Alder. However, Knotty has knots throughout the wood. Knotty is softwood and has rustic characteristics due to the knots, nicks, and dents. Even though its popularity has dropped over time, those who want a worn or distressed look will love it.

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