How to match Countertop colors with Dark Wood Cabinets – Infographic

Colors are considered to be a crucial factor in kitchen remodeling. In case you don’t know, cabinets do take up over 80% of the visible kitchen space. Which means that the first thing that you need to do when you’re planning to renovate your kitchen is figuring out which cabinet color would you prefer.

Dark wood cabinets have been regarded by many kitchen designers as one of the most popular options amongst homeowners nowadays. Aside from being a versatile color which enables the installation of a wide variety of home décor, dark wood cabinets also provide a fresh and clean appearance.

The second step is to choose the best countertop that will suit very well with the color of your cabinets. In case you opted for dark wood cabinetry, then you’re in for a good list of countertop selections.

Here are some of the ways of matching countertop colors with dark wood cabinets!

How to match Countertop colors with Dark Wood Cabinets

Bright White Countertops

An ideal choice for most modern dark cabinet kitchen, bright white countertops allows a solid combination that mainly focuses on building contrast. You might want to pick the best countertop material for this match-up, which is quartz. Regardless of your selection between Cambria and Silestone quartz, the integration of bright white design can create a balance between modern and traditional design.

Gold-shaded Countertops

Countertop colors that fall within the golden variants can also work wonders with dark wood cabinets. Gold-shaded countertops are aesthetically pleasing because of the elegant and vivid elements that they exude. Try to purchase a granite countertop and see for yourself.

Light and Creamy Countertops

Aside from being a good combination with dark wood cabinets, light and creamy countertops can reflect more amount of light that makes your kitchen even brighter. Like the bright white countertops, light and creamy colors also thrive in contrasting elements to form a vogue design. Some of the best examples of countertop materials are beige-colored granite, as well as quartz.

Gray-shaded Countertops

In case you wanted to give your countertops a neutral tone, you can always go for a classic gray. Cool shades of gray can coordinate with a wide range of color palates, which includes dark wood. To make your kitchen have some transitional type of design, you can go for a dark maple cabinet with a gray Corian countertop.


As you might’ve probably noticed, dark cabinetry works best with colors that are pretty much neutral in tone. While there are other options that can make you deviate from this rule, following these color combination tips will surely take your old kitchen to the next level!

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