Five Mid-century Modern Kitchen Ideas for Creative Cooks

If you’re considering a mid-century modern kitchen, chances are you aren’t a plain old vanilla-type person. Mid-century modern kitchens are about as creative as they come, with elements that are retro, eye-popping, colorful, and far from the ordinary. Most individuals/couples that choose to remodel their kitchen in this style are fun-loving and imaginative, and will no doubt have a blast putting together ideas for their new space.

There are so many possibilities when you have a blank slate. You can go with very classic mid-century modern kitchen ideas or branch out a bit and come up with some clever ideas of your own. Whichever way you go, however, you’ll want to be sure that you hold on to some specific elements that definitely say “mid-century” as soon as you see them.

Funky patterns

Because lines are sleek and cabinets plain and flat-fronted in mid-century modern kitchens, many homeowners choose to do something with patterns elsewhere in the room, just to add some visual interest. For example, your backsplash might be the perfect place to add a funky design that truly catches everyone’s attention. Mix ceramic tiles of different colors and shapes to create an interesting backsplash that matches the other colors in your kitchen yet adds a little more dimension.

You might also do the same thing with the floor in your mid-century modern kitchen, laying white and colored tiles in a checkered pattern. Or simply choose a retro tile with an interesting design. Some homeowners even select a patterned laminate for the countertops in their mid-century modern kitchen. There are plenty available and, again, they add some pizzazz to the room.

Funky patterns

Laminate countertops

Speaking of countertops, laminate truly is the way to go. Any other choice simply does not say “mid-century modern kitchen”! While you’ve no doubt heard about all the perks of quartz and granite, you should know that laminate can still be a very wise choice as far as functionality and durability. With proper care, laminate can last for a long time and it’s so much more interesting than granite or quartz.

As you consider the colors for your cabinets and appliances for your mid-century modern kitchen, think carefully about a complementing or even contrasting color for your countertops. Choose squared edges for that sleek look and perhaps even consider installing some retro-style aluminum edges on it to avoid dings and dents that can happen easily in a busy kitchen.

The power of pastels

While you might automatically think that mid-century modern kitchens are all about bright colors – and often they are – it’s okay to go with pastels instead. As a matter of fact, pastels were just as much a part of the 50s and 60s kitchen as were bright red, white, and black.

So, take some time to think about pastels that might go well with the remainder of your house. Is your living room furniture green? Then how about a nice apple green for your cabinets, which is super popular among mid-century modern aficionados. If you’re going for a very feminine look, pink is never out of the question. A lovely light pink brightens your kitchen and can be paired with matching small appliances (like a Kitchenaid® stand mixer) and other accessories. Similarly, sky blue is a good choice as is pale yellow.

Ask your kitchen design professional for photos of other mid-century modern kitchens they’ve designed and you’re sure to see some done in soothing pastels.

The power of pastels

Flat-front cabinets

Plain cabinets with flat doors are a must for mid-century modern kitchens though that doesn’t mean your cabinets will be boring. On the contrary! The possibilities are endless. There are many styles of flat-front cabinet doors that you can choose for your kitchen remodel They’re available in a variety of materials, colors, and textures. Some have hardware like knobs and handles while others have no hardware on them at all. You can make them your own by painting them your favorite mid-century modern kitchen color and by adding hardware that speaks to your vibe.

Appliances that pop

When designing your mid-century modern kitchen, there are lots of options where appliances are concerned. Some designers recommend totally retro-style appliances, like refrigerators with curved doors and large handles or super-cool ranges that look old but offer the same technology as today’s “normal” appliances. Other kitchen designers suggest that perhaps you choose just one appliance that’s vintage while selecting stainless steel for the others. For example, you might want a turquoise stove to match your turquoise cabinets or a bright red fridge that will stand out in your all-white retro kitchen.

If you check out companies that make retro appliances, you’ll find that they’re available in a multitude of colors, so it shouldn’t be hard to find a shade that complements your mid-century modern kitchen.

Need some help choosing the elements for your new mid-century modern kitchen? The experts at Mr. Cabinet Care can guide you through the designing process and help you create a kitchen that’ll knock your (bobby) socks off! Call us for more information or a free consultation.

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