Five Modern Farmhouse Kitchen Ideas Add Pizazz to Your Space

Each year, Americans spend billions of dollars on replacing or renovating their kitchens. Updating your kitchen can be one of the most expensive projects a homeowner undertakes, but the money is generally well spent because a quality, attractive kitchen can significantly raise the value of a home at sale time. Of course, it also provides you with a wonderful room in which to cook and bake as well as a great place to entertain friends and family.

If you’ve been considering a re-do, perhaps you’re pondering the very popular modern farmhouse kitchen option, which has been trending for a while and continues to be popular. This choice offers you a plethora of ideas featuring diverse materials that can give the room both a country and modern feel, so the sky’s the limit as far as creativity is concerned.

Perhaps you’ve researched modern farmhouse kitchens and you’re not sure where to start. So many ideas appeal to you! We agree! A modern farmhouse kitchen offers so many options that your Pinterest board will no doubt be full of colorful photos as you decide which are right for you. Personally, we have some favorites and are excited to share our ideas for the perfect blend of country, industrial, and contemporary.

  • Tin ceiling tiles – Often, we kind of ignore what’s above our heads. We paint the ceiling in some shade or white or cream and then forget about it. However, we think a modern farmhouse kitchen deserves to have something a bit different up above, and tin ceiling tiles certainly fit the bill! When designing a modern farmhouse kitchen, some homeowners opt for wood beams for a rustic look, but these tin tiles are so uniquely different that they’ll certainly add more wow factor to your space. Tin tiles are available in a variety of patterns so there’s sure to be one that’ll suit your taste and fit in with the rest of the elements in your modern farmhouse kitchen. In particular, faux tin files are very easy to cut and not difficult to install. They’re also super easy to maintain.

Tin ceiling tiles

  • Retro flooring – While you might expect a country-style kitchen to have a nice wood floor, that’s not always the case in a modern farmhouse kitchen, where you’re trying to mix elements from different styles. Furthermore, you don’t always have to break the bank by installing an expensive hardwood floor. Believe it or not, a nice commercial grade vinyl tile – especially one with a retro look – is ideal for the modern farmhouse kitchen. From a black-and-white diamond pattern to floors with much more vibrant colors and prints, the options are many. Think about your color palette and your overall style and choose accordingly. Your kitchen design expert can lead you to a store or website where the options are many and the prices reasonable.


  • Butcher block countertops – Nothing says farmhouse like butcher block! If you like the look of butcher block countertops but you don’t want to overdo it, you can put them on the island in your modern farmhouse kitchen but do the other countertops in a different material. Remember, the term “modern farmhouse kitchen” means you’ll want to include other more contemporary or perhaps industrial elements as well, so pair that butcher block countertop with perhaps some white subway tile on the backsplash and hang some great industrial-style copper (or other metal) lights over it for an eclectic look.


  • Copper sinks – While apron front “farm” sinks are all the rage in a modern farmhouse kitchen, you can mix it up a little by putting in a copper sink instead of ceramic. Such sinks range in price from about $400 to well over $1000, but they are certainly a statement piece that will be eye-catching and noticed by everyone who admires your new modern farmhouse kitchen. When cared for properly, copper sinks are super durable and long-lasting, and though they sometimes develop a patina over time, that certainly fits in with the rustic look of the kitchen.


  • Cabinet glazing – If you like white cabinets but you feel like they’re a little bright for your modern farmhouse kitchen, consider a technique that includes applying a glaze that gives your cabinets a warmer, rustic look. It’s a great compromise and can still be paired with just about any countertop, floor, fixture, etc. Ask your kitchen design professional about your cabinet options for your modern farmhouse kitchen.

Copper sinks

For more ideas on how to create a new modern farmhouse kitchen in your home, talk to the professionals at Mr. Cabinet Care. They can help you choose the elements that bring your kitchen to the next level, keeping in mind both your taste and your budget.

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