Most Requested Kitchen Remodeling Services for 2022

Most Requested Kitchen Remodeling Services for 2022

You’re not alone if you’ve always imagined having your dream kitchen. The increase in transforming outdated kitchens into stunning works of art has increased during the pandemic and post-pandemic. Perhaps one factor that might have influenced this is the urge to have a clean and well-kept kitchen for the benefit of the household. With that, one can say that it is indeed a kitchen cosmetic makeover! While some kitchens’ original design and layout are maintained, others have changed.

If you are thinking of achieving your dream kitchen, let these most requested kitchen remodeling services for 2022 be your guide.

Countertops and Kitchen Island Installation

The pandemic was not a nuisance in home improvement. Surprisingly, it is one of the reasons why people updated their kitchen countertops! Some spent a decent amount changing their countertops into either Mr. Cabinet Care’s Duraquartz or granite. Their reason is that it proves that countertops made of those materials are easy to clean and maintain—a perfect way to maintain good hygiene in the kitchen.

Aside from that, the installation of kitchen islands has become a trend. Whether they use it for cooking, baking, or dining, its multipurpose feature is what homeowners are after. Others use the extra space for work-from-home purposes and children’s online classes.

Open Floor Plans

Open floor plans are the trend: a glass-door connection between the kitchen and the outside space or an uninterrupted living room and dining room space. This design concept lets you connect your kitchen with the outside world or other parts of the house without having to install walls. One compelling reason many homeowners opt for removing boundaries between two rooms is that it creates an enormous space in the home.

Luxury Vinyl Flooring Installation

Hardwood may still be a top choice for many households, but a growing trend has been the installation of vinyl floorings. Be it vinyl tiles, luxury vinyl planks, and so on; people choose it for affordability without compromising the kitchen aesthetic.

People that have small kitchen spaces also opt for this type of flooring. The reason is primarily because of their durability, water resistance, and the soft feel it gives underfoot, making the kitchen more comfortable to walk on.

Cabinet Refacing

The top trends in kitchen remodeling in 2022 include colorful cabinets, black fixtures, and blending appliances and pantries. Many homeowners had the time to evaluate their cabinets during the pandemic. For this reason, they did consider getting a facelift for their storage spaces by painting or refacing their cabinets. They finish it by giving a bright new shade for a fresh kitchen look.

There are still more months before 2022 ends. According to many lifestyles and home remodeling sites, this year’s trend might continue in the years to come as it is more flexible for every member of a single household.

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