Popular Cabinet Style Trends to Start 2015 Off Right

Beautiful cabinetry is one feature that can completely transform a room. From a small change in hardware and a color swap to a complete reworking of shelves and tucked-away storage, cabinet trends are ever-evolving.


Kitchens are at the heart of the modern home, bringing families together and seeing a great deal of traffic throughout each day. A major change in the kitchen can alter the ambiance of the entire home. Let’s see how this plays out when we discover new cabinet trends for 2015. We’ll take a look at some of the most popular cabinet style trends and how homeowners have been inviting in a whole new dimension to traditional cabinetry.

Bringing in Some Brightness

Gone are the days where neutral browns reigned supreme. Over the years, kitchens have been popping up with light pastels and bright white color schemes. A lighter shade can open up a kitchen and illuminate key features, making the area seem larger and more open. And with the right cabinetry and hardware, it can lend itself perfectly to a minimalistic, modern look.

Putting Dishes on Display

For years we’ve been quietly closeting our dishware and keeping our kitchen appliances out of sight. But with a purposeful exchange of cabinet faces to include clear or frosted glass, kitchens are beginning to become a work of art. Beautiful dishware and other kitchen necessities are no longer tucked away, but allowed to offer additional depth and color to the kitchen palette instead. In this kitchen, Mr. Cabinet Care created a custom plate rack to show off our client’s pretty dinnerware.

Supplementing with Savvy Storage

When it comes to well-equipped cabinetry, storage is something of which you can never have enough. Last year, we saw an incredible boost of new ways to use old spaces. From corner cabinets that come complete with lazy Susans to maximize those deep recesses, to fancifully hidden trash cans and power strips that tuck away into in pull-out drawers, innovators are quickly finding the best ways to utilize hard-to-reach spaces and keep technological clutter out of sight. This year we are finding even more clever ways to maximize storage without compromising the beauty of your kitchen. For example, look at our custom-designed island, complete with built-in side storage.

Daring to Go Dark

Some of the hottest trends are those in which designers have been daring to go darker. Blacks and deep browns have hit the scene in a big way, and are a favorite pairing with stainless steel appliances and under-cabinet lights. Bringing in softer light sources can help provide a gentle glow and bring warmth to the kitchen. A darker palette can ground a room, helping visitors feel as if they want to stay and settle in for some good food and comfortable conversation.

MRCC kitchen remodel in Seal Beach, CA – a great example of dark cabinet style done right!

Will any of these trends guide your interior design decisions in 2015? What unique kitchen cabinetry trends can you think up for the New Year?

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