Popular Range Hood Trends in Today’s Kitchens

Today we welcome Samantha with Range Hoods Inc. to our blog. She’s here to share some of today’s most popular range hood trends with us. Take it away Samantha!

Thank you for the warm welcome! I want to start out by explaining that oftentimes, the range hood becomes the focal point in modern kitchen design. Although the range hood’s main purpose is to ventilate air in the kitchen, the range hood is also an opportunity to showcase style in the interior design of the kitchen. The following are some popular range hood trends in today’s kitchen remodels.

  1. Simple and Clean Design

Many of today’s range hoods are simple and minimalist. In this case, less is more in the overall design of the kitchen. In the luxurious kitchen below, the stainless steel under cabinet range hood is very simple and subtly blends in with the rest of the room. The stainless steel is durable and easy to clean while looking professional and contemporary.

  1. Colorful Focal Points that Pop

Interior designers often create a room with a neutral color palette that will stay in style for years; this neutral space is then decorated with trendy, colorful accessories that pop and make a big impression. Interior designers are also choosing colorful appliances to create the same effect, including colorful range hoods, ovens and refrigerators. This is a chance for the kitchen range hood to shine and make the room more interesting to the eye.

Colorful Focal Points that Pop

Photo credit: Westchester Magazine

  1. Mimicking Light Fixtures or Sculptures

Elaborate range hoods that look more like unique light fixtures than a ventilation hood are also becoming increasingly popular in luxury kitchen design. BEST Range Hoods carries many examples of these range hood models, including the Sphera model pictured below.

Mimicking Light Fixtures or Sculptures

Photo credit: BEST Range Hoods

  1. Hiding Range Hoods with Beautiful Exteriors

Rather than showcasing the range hood, homeowners may want to hide the range hood behind a beautiful exterior, as pictured in the photo below. In this kitchen design, the range hood is not noticeable and it looks like a part of the cabinetry.

Hiding Range Hoods with Beautiful Exteriors

Kitchen by Mr. Cabinet Care – Insert liner range hood

  1. Narrow Hoods with Low Profiles

A different style that is currently trending is the installation of narrow range hoods. Some of these range hoods look like simple, thin pieces of metal that are mounted above the cooking surface. In the photo below, the wall mounted range hood has a very low profile. This opens up the space above the cooking surface and allows the backsplash to become the focal point of the kitchen. In this case, the alternating gray and white subway tile adds a delicate touch to the overall design.

Narrow Hoods with Low Profiles

Kitchen by Mr. Cabinet Care – Wall mounted range hood

The range hood trends above are easy to incorporate into your kitchen remodel. Remember to consider how the range hood will fit into the big picture in your new kitchen design.

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