Pros and Cons of a Kitchen Island – Infographic

November 24, 2020

Are you planning a kitchen remodeling project for your new home? You need to consider installing a unit that can define a specific style, such as an island.

A kitchen island refers to a freestanding cabinet designed not just to provide storage, but to act as an additional counter space and in some cases, a dining area. Many homeowners prefer installing a kitchen island because of its ergonomic capabilities.

While kitchen islands tend to occupy a lot of space in exchange of enhancing the meal preparation workflow, it is still possible to have one by applying a more appropriate layout in your kitchen area. But before making the first step towards your new kitchen island, you have to be aware of ways of how it can affect your kitchen lifestyle.

Here are the pros and cons of a kitchen island:

Pros and Cons of a Kitchen Island Infographic


Increased Storage

The base of a kitchen island is often brimming with storage potential. The area beneath the counter can be used to safekeep your pots, and other cooking items that you seldom use.

Additional Sink Area

Kitchen islands can also be custom-designed so that you can add an additional sink for reinforcing your water source. There are a variety of sink and faucet styles, which will give another opportunity to upscale your kitchen style.

More Counter Surface

Counter space is an essential commodity in kitchen design. It enables the homeowner to become more convenient in organizing ingredients necessary for cooking meals. Counter space is also integral in reducing the time spend in doing specific kitchen tasks like chopping vegetables and baking.

Increased Home Value

Since the kitchen island is one of the largest units in the area, it can bring significant changes in the look of your entire kitchen area. Owning a visually-appealing kitchen island can impress many people, including those who would be interested to buy it in the future.


It Occupies a lot of Space

Majority of kitchen islands can occupy a lot of space in your kitchen, leaving only a small portion of area for accommodating movements. This can be more evident if you have a small kitchen. You have to assess the current layout of your kitchen and made the necessary adjustments to fit an island.

It is More Ideal for Heavy Kitchen Users

Kitchen islands are excellent choice for a person that needs an efficient meal preparation workflow. If you rarely utilize your kitchen, an island might not be a worthy investment for your remodeling project. It would be better to go for a kitchen cart instead.

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