Qualities of a Modern Kitchen Design

One of the most popular kitchen designs nowadays is modern or contemporary. This kitchen design utilizes the beauty of natural materials and streamlined hardware. Inspired by the Scandinavian minimalism, modern kitchens are highly functional and can be used in any home.

In case you are looking for kitchen remodeling companies in Placentia, you should consider a integrating some of the elements present in a modern kitchen. Here are some of the qualities that you have to look out for:

Qualities of a Modern Kitchen Design

Simplistic Accent Pieces

A contemporary kitchen is characterized by clean lines and simple accent pieces. Cabinetry is usually elegant without handles and features soft-close or push-touch latches. The ceiling is generally high, and cabinets should extend up to the top. This style is also known to have a clutter-free storage with little nooks and crannies. A modern kitchen has numerous options for storage, including pull-out drawers, mid-way wall things, and corner components.

Modern kitchens possess open floor plans with distinct zone divisions. They have clean, streamlined lines and use only one monochromatic color.

Organized Storage Layout

The cabinets and drawers are arranged in a row with curved corners. Some of the items in a modern kitchen are also easy to reach and easy to maintain. However, many modern kitchens do not offer realistic storage space for a busy family.

Functionality and Aesthetics

A modern kitchen combines functionality and aesthetics. In order to achieve the ideal balance, the kitchen must feature a variety of furniture options and accessories. The materials used in a contemporary kitchen often follow a minimalist design, implying some low-maintenance qualities.

Bold colors and bold patterns are also popular in a modern kitchen. While a classic kitchen might be filled with a variety of accent pieces and furniture pieces, a modern kitchen is often a more sophisticated space.

Organized Storage Layout

Adequate Lighting

A modern kitchen is a space that maximizes light and space. A good lighting scheme can make a substandard kitchen appear better than it is. In addition to maximizing space, modern kitchens often have tall ceilings and long countertops. Their cabinets should have clever storage solutions and reflect light. A sleek, minimalistic design is essential in a contemporary home. Moreover, a modern kitchen should be organized and functional.

Natural Materials

A modern kitchen’s focus is on the horizontal lines and surfaces. It tends to incorporate more natural materials, such as wood and concrete, which can make a bold statement in a kitchen. Furthermore, a modern kitchen is often made of streamlined cabinetry and emphasizes functionality. You’ll probably find some industrial-style appliances and a concrete floor. The design of a modern kitchen will be sleek and simple.

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel is a staple of a modern kitchen, while black and white are popular colors. Stainless steel is also a common material in a modern kitchen. Open-plan kitchens encourage socialization while maintaining a clean, organized appearance. The open-plan design of a modern kitchen can also incorporate eco-friendly elements, such as reclaimed wood floors and bamboo appliances. A minimalist design is not limited to the color palette.

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