Sanitize Your House from Germs and Viruses: 5 Cleaning Tools to Use Now – Infographic

With the growing concern regarding the spread of COVID-19 or novel coronavirus worldwide, it’s important that every homeowner must learn to implement certain countermeasures so that they can keep their family safe from this global pandemic.

One of the most efficient countermeasures to prevent viruses from lingering in your house is through proper sanitation. Maintaining the cleanliness of your house must also be a priority since you will most likely spend most of your time indoors.

Before you do some self-quarantine, you better prepare your house by stocking up on these following items:

Sanitize Your House from Germs and Viruses 5 Cleaning Tools to Use Now

Disinfectant Spray

You need to strategically spot the areas in your home where viruses and germs could easily accumulate. Of course, you should first pay attention to the center of daily household chores – the kitchen. You will have to purchase a disinfectant spray like Lysol to get rid those unseen microbes. Spray the solution all over wide surfaces such as your kitchen countertops, dining chairs and tables, as well as your sink.

Microban 24

There’s a new emerging product in the market called Microban 24 which is known to protect certain surfaces within 24 hours from many forms of viruses, especially the novel coronavirus. If you get your hands on this antibacterial cleaner, make sure to take advantage of it by applying it to the most exposed areas of your home such as your living room, bathroom, and kitchen.


One of the challenges that you should face when sanitizing your house is cleaning your floors. The shoes of everyone entering your home can bring random stuff, which often contains germs and harmful viruses. Always sweep your floors using an effective cleaning solution such as a bleach mixture. This can be made by combining a cup of bleach and around five gallons of water.

Important Reminder! If you have floors made from a porous material like hardwood, do not use bleach as it will remove the floor’s stain color. Instead, you can improvise by mixing a cup of white vinegar to the same amount of water.

Disinfectant Wipes

Disinfectant wipes are effective in sanitizing everything that you always touch, such as doorknobs, cabinet handles, remote controls, and other small appliances. Doing this at least twice a day is enough the keep the germs at bay, though it’s better do it more often especially if another person in your house is sick.

Hydrogen Peroxide

Typically used for toothpastes due its properties that whiten the teeth, hydrogen peroxide is also an active agent against certain viruses such as the rhinovirus. Invest on some cleaning products that contain hydrogen peroxide. You can apply them over surfaces like the sink, kitchen countertops and the toilet; let them soak for around 10-15 minutes before scrubbing and rinsing them with water.

Let us all fight the spread of the coronavirus by keeping not only ourselves but also our home sanitized!

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