Spotlight: Full Kitchen Remodel in Aliso Viejo, CA

Sunny Aliso Viejo is a relatively small metropolis of nearly 50,000 built along the gentle slopes the southern California’s San Joaquin Hills. Featuring a warm, breezy climate; a location close to gorgeous coastal waters and stunning mountains; and a cityscape packed with parks and shopping outlets, it’s a wonderful place for young families and professionals of all ages.

On our most recent visit to this delightful town, we met with Mr. White, a pleasant man with a kitchen that matched his name quite well (literally!) But Mr. White wanted to take this sterile design and replace it with something more in line with the rich beauty of Orange County. The end result was a luxurious, earthy space for cooking and general socializing, with an ultra-modern flair.

Kitchen Remodel aliso Viejo

We replaced the plain white wall units with lavish cappuccino-stained Shaker cabinets and glass display doors, and the countertops are Cambria’s brand-new sparkling Daron quartz – note how the kitchen island now features actual eating space. Drawer knobs have become hand pulls, for a friendlier aesthetic. Fortunately, the existing flooring was rather nice and matched the color scheme we were creating, and we were able to keep costs down by sticking with it!

Contemporary appliances were key to completing the look, and perhaps the most striking replacement is the stove – Mr. White now enjoys preparing food on a Wolf 36” Gas Range with six individual dual-stacked burners and a roomy convention oven. This kitchen space wouldn’t feel out of place in a modern restaurant – and now, neither will the meals it produces.

The newly-installed tile backsplash reaches up to the soffit, and into the space previously occupied by the wall-mounted microwave – not only does this look great, but it protects the delicate walls from cooking-related steam and grease splatters and ensures an easy cleanup.

What do you think of Mr. White’s elegant new kitchen? Let us know in the comments!

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